Can I use Cultura without a partner?


Cultura is meant to be used in partnership with another class, with students interacting with the students abroad and becoming personally involved in constructing, alongside their foreign partners, their knowledge of the other culture.

However, it is possible to also create a course that would utilize just the archives of Cultura. In this case, students use the archived answers to the questionnaires as well as the archived forums as the basis for their cultural analysis. Even though, in such case, they do not have the benefit of a “live” exchange and a first-hand encounter with the other culture, students are able to draw many inferences and conclusions. Some modules such as Data, Film, Media, and Library, can also be used without the benefit of a partner school.

Finally, access to the archives enables students to investigate whether cultural attitudes on certain topics have evolved over time and to compare how students in different schools may have responded to different topics.