Educator's Guide

This guide is for all language teachers interested in using Cultura and adapting it to their own context, and is intended to provide you with pedagogical assistance in integrating Cultura into language and culture courses.

Cultura was originally designed for use at both the high school and university levels. All activities suggested in this guide have been tested in language courses at MIT and partner institutions since 1997.

Before you begin working with Cultura, you need to find an exchange partner

Cultura exchanges traditionally involve two partner teachers and two groups of students from two different cultures. 

If you are looking for a partner, we encourage you check the platform of UNI-collaboration for a  list of classes looking for partnerships.

While it is possible to use Cultura without a partner, you would need to rely heavily on content in the archives in order to simulate an intercultural exchange, and your students would miss the opportunity to engage directly with peers from another culture.