Cultura Drupal Distribution

In 2014 the functionality to run a live exchange was built as extensions to the Drupal content management framework and packaged up into the Cultura Drupal distribution.


The Cultura Drupal distribution requires a webserver able to run PHP and a database, the same requirements as Drupal itself.

These instructions summarize the included INSTALL.txt file, which should be regarded as the canonical documentation, with the difference that you start out with the download of the Cultura Drupal distribution rather than plain Drupal.

  1. Download and extract the distribution from the Recommended releases section, highlighted in green, of
  2. Create the database and note the username, password, database name, and hostname you select or are assigned.
  3. Run the install script by visiting your new web site's address and be sure to select the Cultura installation profile.  Put in the database information when prompted and, if asked, set file permissions as directed.


Log in as the administrative user and go to Configuration →  Site Information and fill in all required values.  Then go to the Dashboard.  This is where all content you are preparing for students to respond to, and the count of their responses, will be displayed as the exchange goes on.

If you would like a head start in creating questionnaires for United States / France exchanges, enable the Cultura Questionnaire Sample Content module at Modules.