Does the use of Cultura imply many changes to the way I teach or structure my class?


Using Cultura implies that:

You will be changing the focus of your course, namely changing your curriculum from a language-based one to a culture-based one. This does not mean that the linguistic component disappears, just that your students will continue learning the language as they learn about the culture, not the other way round, as is usually the case.

Cultura will be the central and major component of your class, because of the wealth and variety of materials it provides. However, it should not keep you from using additional resources, such as a reference grammar.

Your role in the classroom, however crucial, is not as central as it might ordinarily be. You set the stage, but then the students take center stage. Allowing students to make connections, create their own web of interpretation, construct understanding of another culture is what Cultura is all about. This process, however, does not happen on its own. Please look at the detailed suggestions of what to do for each Module.