What is my role as a teacher?


Your role is central throughout the project and at each of the stages of Cultura. Simply put, you need to:

  • really understand the rationale of Cultura
  • find a partner
  • set up a common calendar and syllabus
  • set up the Web site and the modules and install the Cultura Tool (with the help of technology support in your institution)
  • explain the approach to your students: give them daily and weekly tasks, make sure they keep up with the work.

This is, in fact, not too different from your regular work.

The most important thing to remember is that, paradoxically, your work is both central and peripheral. It is central in the sense that without you (and without your partner, if you have one), nothing can happen. It is peripheral in the sense that, once you have set up the tasks, your students’ work will then take center stage. They will be the ones observing, analyzing, making hypotheses, writing on the forums, drawing conclusions, etc.. You will be there to encourage them to keep probing further.