aspirations, respect, power, money
  diploma, jobs
  happiness, accomplishment, comfortable
  happiness, fulfilling
  important, victory
  individual, enigmatic, different, not money
  money, career
  money, job
  money, power
  money, power, happiness
  money, power, happiness
  money, respect
  money, suits, business
  money, suits, business
  money, work, happiness, goals
  office, money, happiness
  perseverance, studying, happiness
  power, happiness, joy
  power, money, terrible
  resources, iner sutisfaction
  work, worth

bonheur, épanouissement, autonomie
bonheur, rassurant, valorisant
bonheur, sourire
effort, études, mérite
famille, argent
reconnaisance des pairs,
rêve, travail, argent, bonheur personnel
travail, argent, pouvoir, relatif
travail, argent, relatif


La notion de succès pour vous est étroitement liée à celle de l'argent. Ne pensez-vous
pas que le succès est aussi proche du bonheur, du bien-être, que le succès peut-être
aussi familial ou relationnel et pas seulement professionnel ?

I think success for us is just as much about fulfillment and happiness
as it is about money. A lot of the INT students also put down "argent"
for this word - it actually seems to me that our responses are pretty
similar. It's also possible that some people put down "money" and
"power" because those are the first words that come to mind when we
think of success, but that is not how they'd describe their own personal
view of success. What do other students think?

I totally agree with SG in that money is something commonly associated with success,
so many of us thought of that, but our conceptions of how our own personal success
would be are much more complicated.

Hi C,
I believe that your assumption is based not just on our associations
with the word success, but also on the general notion that many
people around the world have with regards to American success.
Success by definition is related to a desired outcome. Many of your
responses were also related to money or profession. I think that the
concept of success is closely related to money because in the western
world most achievements are rewarded by money. It could be in
different fields of lives, in science, music, sports, technology, or art. A
person can be successful but not happy, or be happy but not
successful. Just like money, happiness can be one of the rewards of
success. Most people in the western world spend more time at work
than with their family and friends, therefore the professional life is an
important part of their lives. If you are successful at work, wouldn’t
you expect your success to be reflected in your income? I think that
talking about money in America is more socially acceptable than in
Europe in general.