Welcome to Cultura

Cultura is an intercultural project that connects groups of students online to help them understand each other's culture. A Cultura exchange is typically based in a language class and involves two partner teachers and two groups of students from two different cultures.

For educators

In the guide you will find resources for teachers, including ideas and materials to support both online and classroom learning.

If you are interested in starting your own Cultura exchange, you can use our Cultura exchange tool and be hosted at MIT. You will be able to easily create questionnaires, open forums, and manage students groups. Your exchange will also become part of our archived Past Exchanges.

If you prefer to host your own exchange on your school server, we have also created a free open source tool.

For researchers

The Cultura project has been running since 1997. Our archives are a rich source of linguistic and cultural data and include exchanges in English, French, Russian, Spanish, and German, among others. To see what students have shared with each other over the years, we invite you to explore past exchanges.

Learning from experience

If you are already using Cultura in your classroom, let us know. We invite you to share your experience with the community.

For more information about Cultura, please contact us: slevet at mit.edu