Welcome to the Cultura Site. It is intended for you all: visitors, teachers or researchers: whether you just heard about this project and want to learn more about it, whether you want to set up your own exchange, or whether you just want to access the archives.

If you have just heard about this project and want to find out more, we suggest you start with:  What is Cultura? and Methodology, then check the FAQs, the Teachers’ Guide, as well as published Articles on the project.

If you want to access past Cultura exchanges, see: Archived Exchanges. Our search tool will enable you to search all archived questionnaires and forums.  

Note : We are currently redesigning the site, but will try to keep disruptions to a minimum.  As we move along, you will find more info in the News section.

If you have any questions about Cultura, please contact us.

Whith great sadness we announce the passing of our colleague, Shoggy Waryn. He died on February 18, 2014, after an extended illness. As one of the original creators of Cultura, he was an inspired, resourceful and generous colleague. But above all, he was a dear friend. We miss him deeply.