Welcome to Cultura

This site is intended for you all: teachers, researchers or simple visitors. Here you will find out how and why this project was created; you will gather many ideas for creating your own online intercultural project, both in terms of materials and pedagogy; you will be given access to the freely available Exchange Tool we have created and that will allow you to set up, from inside your institutions, your own questionnaires and online discussion forums.

If you have just heard about this project and want to find out more, we suggest you start with: What is Cultura? then check the FAQs, the Educator’s Guide, as well as published materials on the project.

If you want to access past Cultura exchanges and look at what students have shared with each other in the online forums, see: Past Exchanges. Our search tool will enable you to search all archived questionnaires and forums from 1997 through 2014.

Note : We are currently redesigning the site. We have added more publications and have opened an Educator’s forum for you to share experiences and/or ask questions As we move along, you will find more information in the News section.

If you have any questions about Cultura, please contact us.