The best thing about Isla Vista/Santa Barbara is ...

Das Beste an Hannover ist ...

... the relaxed atmosphere. People, for instance, are very laid back and have a "mellow" way of being. For the most part, people in IV/Santa Barbara are not worried or stressed like most students,

...the parties and the proximity to school. Bikes and pedestrians rule the road, a power used with absolute authority, and exercised with much delight. In terms of Santa Barbara, the intermittent conflagrations create a pleasing flavor of air which I am loath to depart from.

everything! The parties are a lot of fun, downtown is very accessible, people are very friendly. Plus, seeing as we live in Southern California, the weather is usually sunny.

Isla Vista has no redeeming qualities; however, Santa Barbara's best feature has to be all the bike trails.

Isla Vista offers a place for students to live next to campus and not commute and live with other students. Santa Barbara is a beautiful city, touristic and has a nice vacation atmosphere downtown with museums, the wharf,state street, the mission as well as hiking in the hills.

It is a wonderfully cramped student ghetto that allows over twenty thousand students to socialize, do drugs, and have lots of sex, all which can be done both inside and outside of the ocean.

that it is a real chill college town.

The awesome party scene in Isla Vista, and living 5 minutes away from the beach. Santa Barbara is very touristy, but it is beautiful.

the fitness mentality which is something that forces people to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also it is close to Ojai where best trout fishing is.

The neighborhood is relatively safe, for whilst we are not crime free, roaming hoards of brain-eating zombies are a rare occurrence...except after finals

the sophisticated, liberal atmosphere, which contrasts so extremely to the rest of the Central Coast.

the weather and the ocean air.

dass es viele nette Bars und gute Discos gibt, in denen gute Stimmung ist und die Leute sich wirklich amüsieren und nicht nur rumstehen und gut aussehen. Außerdem ist die Innenstadt mit der neuen Ernst-August Galerie, dem Hauptbahnhof und dem bald erneuerten Raschplatz jeden Besuch wert und die Cinemaxx-Kinos sind die besten Kinos, die ich kenne.

der Maschsee und die Eilenriede- Hannover als Großstadt im Grünen