The best thing about my university is ...

Das Beste an meiner Universität ist ...

... its charisma. Weather it lies within the students/staff or environment, my university is very charismatic. It has an interesting legacy, but it's a history that also gives it a sense of uniqueness. The students are well aware and in a way the charisma the university has is embedded within all of us.

...that I learn volumes of information, that I may one day quite possibly use. The university itself is well kept, at least in appearance. The Recreation center is an enjoyable diversion. And the people. They too are the best.

a professor who inspires within students other ways of looking at the world as we know it.

people recognize the U.C. name and I will get paid more for having gone there; moreover, the reputation of the school and societies requirements that I go to school combine to make it a wise choice. Because you should always get a Pedigree from a good breeder,when you are gonna pay so much for it!

that it offers a variety of different classes and majors, so that anyone can discover something they like.The setting of the school at the beach and foot of the Santa Ynez mountains makes UCSB even a better place.
The university has a mix of people from different backgrounds and places including a big group of international students.
There is always something going on, guest speakers are always coming, so there are many opportunities to broaden your knowledge.

that the beach is only a 3 blocks from my house.

that we party hard and study hard. UCSB has an environment that is conducive to not only partying, but also to outdoor activities, etc... We are also right by the beach, fairly close to downtown SB, and only an hour from LA

The (usually) relaxed atmosphere and location right by the ocean. Student services are great as well, and there a lots of concerts and other events put on by the school.

the ambience of a student community, which, for me, centers around the students of the Religious Studies Program, one of the most respected programs of this type in the entire world. This is what makes UCSB unique.

the best thing about my university is its location. its by the beach, its close to LA, theres lots of young people, and its not too far from home.

the diverse student body, coupled with a multitude of languages spoken on a daily basis.

the diversity in class offerings, professors & students, location and weather

dass die Menschen dort alle sehr nett sind. Man lernt fast jeden Tag symphatische und intelligente Leute kennen. Ich treffe mich oft mit Kommilitonen und Betreuern und wir unterhalten uns über die verschiedensten Themen. Eher selten hat man die Möglichkeit sich mit Professoren zu unterhalten, aber dann ist es auch sehr interessant.

die internationale Atmosphäre