The biggest problem in Isla Vista/Santa Barbara is ...

Das grö?te Problem in Hannover ist ...

... the noise in IV and the small city of Santa Barbara. The noise in IV can get really annoying, especially when trying to study for a test or wanting to go to sleep. And another problematic thing is the small city of Santa Barbara - there is not a lot to do. After four years a person has pretty much been to every store,coffee shop, bar, movie theatre there is.

...out of towners. They start the most fights. As well as drunken men and their swollen egos, who, with chests puffed out, aimlessly swagger about looking for trouble.

basically, the same as the best thing (see above), that Santa Barbara in general and Isla Vista in particular comprise an enclave amidst a more primitive outside environment, which really hits one in the face when you leave the environs and go slumming in e.g. Lompoc.

Fraternities who contribute nothing really to bettering student life but binge drinking and irresponsible behavior

In Isla Vista the problem is that to many college students are concentrated in a much too small area resulting in noise, too much partying, people getting drunk and making a mess. The Isla Vista area gives the school a the reputation as a party school making it look bad in front of the parents. The neighborhood is dirty and living conditions have a low standard while prices are high. There is little improvement .

It is way to expensive and overcrowded, and it is only complicated by the fact that we have no zombies whom would cull the exes population

my roommate.

Parking and surenos. I can never find parking and I live close to surenos that shout spanish obscenities, and they travel in packs and perhaps once or twice a year they stab someone at a party.

that weather changes way too much.

the cost of living. For instance, fuel costs in San Luis Obispo County are approximately .60 cents less than in Isla Vista/Santa Barbara. More importantly, education, housing, food, entertainment, and all other expenses related to basic living is a pricey experience within Isla Vista and Santa Barbara. As it stands, Santa Barbara is considered to be one of the most expensive cities to live in within California, save for San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The massive drinking and drug problem prevalent in IV, as well as the abusive landlords and overpriced, low-quality housing.

the nightlife scene. People in IV seem to drink to get drunk, and not just to relax.

das Imageproblem der Stadt.
Es gibt viele Vorurteile über H.- langweilig, häßlich, provinziell..

dass unser Fussballklub, Hannover 96, nicht sehr gut ist und jedes Jahr gegen den Abstieg aus der 1. Bundesliga kämpfen muss. Stattdessen wird das Team aus dem kleinen, 100km entfernten Wolfsburg deutscher Meister.