nightlife in Santa Barbara

Nachtleben in Hannover

alcohol, downtown, isla vista, parties

busy, crowded, crazy

crazy, fun, messy, hopefully one remembers everything that happened, open to everyone

drunk girls

drunk, hazy, bill's bus

Expensive, worth experiencing at least one time, incomparable with European clubs

heavy drinking, partying, beach

Non- existent unless you like vomiting 20 yr. olds

notorious, exciting, rambunctious

parties, friends, relax

party, bars, with friends, crazy

same as above

sleep, friends, comedy


street lights, people, sound of the ocean, stars

unknown, meager, inadequate

unorganized, unorthodox, yet occasionally enjoyable.

youthful, wild, built-up, reputed

bars trip in Hannover, follow the "hannoversche rote Faden", go to Raschplatz, hang out in Hannover, go to the "sky beach", visit Steintor

Dunkel, Erasmus Studenten und Musik

Hannoversche Nightlife, having bars trip in Hannover, go out in Hannover

In der Woche
Chez Heinz

Party, Tanzen, Trinken

recht vielseitiges Bar- und Clubangebot,leider teilweise rassistische Einlasspolitik

toll, für jeden etwas dabei