A good boss...

Un buon capo...

can empathize with her employees, is a leader without being bossy, takes responsibility for things.

doesn't complain,
doesn't make you do their work

doesn't let their own ambitions for success result in disrespect for underlings.

is respectful

is respectful and not too bossy or demanding.

is someone who puts his employees first and always works to teach them and to be a good example for them to follow.

is understanding and considers himself an equal.

won't hover over your work.

carismatico,a disposizione degli altri

deve capire i problemi di chi sta sotto di lui, deve perĂ² anche riuscire a motivarli per affrontare ogni situazione e progredire

deve pagare degnamente i suoi dipendenti.

lavora con i dipendenti.

sa farsi odiare ma anche amare

ti rispetta nonostante sia un tuo superiore