A good boss...

Un bon patron...

acts friendly

advises but is open to ideas and suggestions, treats everyone as equals, treats everyone fairly.

communicates with and helps his employees.

creates firm rules for employees, but is still respectful and supportive.

ensures work is done by the workers including himself.

gets his employees to work sufficiently without being too harsh

is a fair and a good leader.

is a leader and can be assertive

is able to lead everyone as a team.

is demanding yet fair.

is efficent and kind.

is fair and considerate.

is fair, not rude, cares about employees

is hard to find.

is lenient about work times, but is also always on task.

is nice to you, is flexible

is one that cares for all of his or her meployees, but also remembers to do for the good of the company.

is polite and fair.

is responsible and takes ownership for his companies solicit activities, successes, and failures

is someone who cares for you and who would help you in times of need, not be really rude.

Is someone who does not yell at his employees

is someone who helps you do your best

is someone who relates to you and pays you over minimum wage.

is someone who supports you and your work.

is someone who treats all of their employees equally without playing favorites.

is someone who treats all the employees with the utmost respect.

is someone who understands their workers' needs. A good boss is someone that I should feel comfortable talking to about my job.

is someone you can trust and who trusts you.

is understanding and passionate about what he or she does.

is very nice and isn't harsh on his workers

keeps good relations with his employees and pays them well.

Knows his workers by their name and treats everyone equal

listens to the suggestions of subordinates and does what is best for everyone.

Makes decisions that are benificially to everyone, not just himself.

makes good money.

manages well.

Not only thinks about personal gain, but what's better for the whole company

one that doesnt fire you.


pleasant, encouraging, not rude

provides you assistance and constructive criticism; a good boss also is easy to talk to.

respectful but still keeps things in shape

respects his or her employees, treats them as equals, and guides them in the right direction; understands that everyone makes mistakes.

rewards your efforts,has just right amount of authority

Someone who you can approach, and rely on.

... est compréhensif , sincère et efficace.

a du respect pour ses employés,
favorise la créativité,
laisse une part d'initiative,

c'est quelqu'un qui est autoritaire et compréhensif, en plus de savoir gérer son entreprise et ses employés.


est autoritaire et juste

est quelqu'un qui prone la tolérance, qui s'occupe de ses employés, et qui ne vire pas sans justification.

est un patron qui paye bien

est une personne qui respecte ses employés et qui n'est pas raciste.

Gère très bien l'entremprise. ( Steve Jobs )

n'est pas raciste, respecte ses employés

n'est pas trop exigent

organisé, formel, juste

paye et traite bien ses employés, il est juste

Quelqu'un qui vous aide professionellement , vous respecte et vous encourage.

qui ne fait pas de différences entres les employés

qui respect ses employés

respectueux, encourageant


te paye bien

vous offre des promotions, est à l'écoute des employés