A good citizen...

Un bon citoyen...

abides by the laws and does his/her best to ensure that laws are kept. Good citizens also try to do good in their community.

Behaves appropriately in public
tries to help their country however they best can

cares for the environment, is a leader, does what they can for their country, votes.

completes civil duties; votes and respects authority

contributes to society.

does not disturb the peace

does what is right for their country.

does what they can for the country.

doesn't disobey the law.

follows the law.

follows the laws, votes when asked to make their opinion

follows the laws.

generous and supportive in everything the country does.

has values

helps others, follows laws, is employed, and contributes to the community.

helps their community and votes.

is one who gives back to their community.

is resourceful and respectable.

is responsible.

is someone who accepts everything around them.

is someone who believes in his country and is thankful for his rights.

Is someone who cares about the world, and not just themselves.

is someone who follows the important laws and dont commit any crimes.

is someone who knows their rights and cares about the place that they live in.

lives by the laws of their home country. Helps others who need it

loves their country and obeys its laws.

obeys the laws

obeys the laws and takes full advantage of what his or her country has to offer, such as freedom of speech and the right to vote.

obeys the laws.

obeys the laws.

particpates in government and the community.

questions their governmnent

respects his or her country and follows the laws.

respects laws.

should not brake the laws .

someone who cares for their surroundings and abides by all of the rules.

someone who obeys the laws of a area

thinks about others, helps around the community

treats everybody with respect, thinks about his or her actions with regards to how they will affect fellow citizens.

voluntarily helps his/her community,is involved

votes and is an active participant

votes and knows about politics

vulues more than himself.

will do what the government asks them to.

would fight for their country rather than surrendering...

... vote , respecte les autres , recycle , économise l'énergie à travers les gestes du quotidient .

est quelqu'un qui respecte les lois, qui vote, et est utile a la société.

est un citoyen qui respecte ses devoirs autant que ses droits

est une personne qui vote, qui paye ses impôts, et qui ne dégrade pas les lieux publics.

fait son devoir, voter principalement

participe, donne son opinion,respecte les lois

paye ses impôts, vote

Paye ses impôts.
( Chaque mois )

quelqun qui vote et participe a l'évolution de son pays.

qui fait son devoir

respect de la loi

respecte les lois et les devoirs

respecte les lois et ses devoirs

respecte les règles sans tricher,
donne le meilleur de lui-même pour le pays,

respecte ses droits et devoirs

un citoyen qui respecte ces devoirs envers son pays et jouit de ses droits et est solidaire


Vote, connait et respecte les lois de son pays

vote, paye ses impos, respecte les lois

vote, respecte les lois