A good president...

Un bon président...

addresses the needs of their country.

cares about the people and tries very hard to deal with all the problems in the country

cares most about the majority of the population or the middle class.

does everything they can do to protect, defend, and provide for their nation.

does things for the good of the people.

does what is best for every race, socioeconomic class, works very hard to do their best

does what is best for the country.

does what the people want

Gives everyone equal rights and does his job for the people

governs his/her country with fairness and honesty.

has the everyday citizen in mind and wants to do what is best for the country and its' people.

has the people at mind

helps his citizens and protects his country.

Is a republican

is efficent and addresses the needs of thye people.

is fair and smart.

is just, listens to citizens, doesnt go on a power-trip

is Obama, and not Bush.

is one that always makes good decisions for the country.

is republican.

is someone that brings the everyone together.

is someone who leads their country to prosperity and leads their country through hard times.

is someone who truly cares about his country and always has the people in mind.

knows how to run a country, and listens to the peoples' wants and needs. He doesn't just do what he thinks is right, but does what the peopel want.

leads a nation in a good way.

leads only when needed.

leads the nation in making the right decisions; takes every person into account; appreciates the value of his or her position in society and makes wise choices based on the effect they will have on the people.

leads while reflecting the opinion of the people

listens to everyone

listens to his people, follows the laws

listens to the governed,does his/her best to fix any problems

listens to the people

Listens to the people and does what is best for them.

makes decisions based on what is best for the country, leaving aside what is best for himself.

makes well informed desicions that is best for the majority of citzens

makes wise decisions to better their country.

presents new ideas for situations. Prepared.

Is not George W. Bush

Puts the needs of the people in front of his own.
Is not afraid to make choices that are necessary but not commonly liked

should be kind and tell the truth to his country.

Someone who people can trust, and makes changes for the country.

thinks of the well-being of the country before they think of themselves, is diplomatic and open to other thinking besides only them or their party.

tries to make good decisions.

wants to help the people as a whole and not just want money.

will fully govern their country they are serving for.

will listen to his constituents and take their needs into consideration along with the country's needs in general.

... règle les problèmes du pays , est à l'écoute de ses concitoyens et sait prendre des décisions.


à l'écoute de son peuple

écoute ses citoyens, est juste, a des projets précis qu'il réalise

donne le bon exemple en faisant des sacrifices,
agit pour le bien du pays, quitte à prendre des mesures impopulaires

ecoute le peuple

est :ambitieux,prévoyant,engagé

est à l'écoute de tous les citoyens

est un président qui resout tous les problemes de son pays

est un président qui s'occupe de son pays, qui est responsable, et qui s'occupe des besoins de la population.

est une personne qui est à l'écoute de son peuple, et qui entreprend des mesures lorsque la situation dans laquelle il se trouve lui demande un minimum d'odace.

fait ce qui est bon pour le peuple

N'a pas la langue de bois.

ne médiatise pas trop sa vie privée

qui est a l'écoute de son pays

qui respecte et écoute le peuple

qui s'assure du bien etre de son peuple et de son pays

qui sait gérer son pays et traverser les périodes de crises.

sait prendre des décisions, proche des habitants de son pays

Veut le bien de son pays, ressemble à Obama