The most significant events in my life have been...

Les événements les plus marquants de ma vie ont été...

2008 election

9/11, birthdays, traveling to different countries, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures and ways of life.

achievement in my sport and getting a little sister.

All of my birthdays, getting my lisence, my cousin's birth, getting my puppy, when my brother's left for college (sadly).


attending high school, and being able to be apart of horseback riding competitions.

being adopted and driving

being baptized, making good friends, forming good relationships with my family, and doing will in high school.

being confirmed in my church, going to high school, getting a job.

being diognossed with cystic fobrosis.

family events.

getting my driver's license; I have gained much responsibility from it. Another significant event was going to Israel; I was there with my best friends, and learned so much about my religion and myself.

going to this very competitive and demanding high school, performing dance because it has taught me confidence

i cannot disscuss it.

I dont know

i dont know there are too many


living in Switzerland

me playing a hockey game and it was broadcasted all over the province of ontario, canada

moving around between Europe, Asia and America, because I have been able to see various different cultures.

moving up to the high school and having my grandpa die.


my Bat Mitzvah, spending any time with my family

my confirmation, my brothers birth, world disasters in my lifetime

my family and my parents divorce.

my first holy communion, my confirmation, my ballet performances, and various musicals I have been in.

my interactions with my extensive family and listening to the speaker at the highest honor roll banquet during 9th grade.

Nothing specific, things that happend in histroy, 9/11.

reading and witnessing an era of war and destruction, rising gas prices, and difficult times for the people of America.

realizing all men and women are equal whether their race, origins, or culture.


seeing the steelers win the superbowl twice.


starting high school, my 16th birthday

the 2008 election.

the deaths of those whom I loved, especially my uncle.

the ones that change my course of thought.

Too many to list.


very hard to adapt to.

when I missed school for 5 months in 3rd grade.

when I my future was most threatened.

with ones I love and made me stronger.

- L'achat de mon chien
- l'entrée au collège et au lycée
- les voyages de notre été dernier

divorce de mes parents


l'éléction d'un président noir aux Etats-Unis.

la mort de ma grand-mère,
l'achat de mon premier appartement,

La mort de ma grand-mère, le déménagement d'une très bonne amie

la mort de proche dans mon entourage.

la naissance de ma soeur

la victoire de la france en coupe du monde le 12 juillet 1998

le divorce de mes parents

le divorce de mes parents, mon passage en 4eme, ma réussite au brevet

le mariage de mon cousin, mon passage au lycée

les bon moments passés avec ma famille et mes rentrées scolaires.

ma rentrée au lycée, mes vacances l'été dernier

Mes anniversaires, mes réussites, mes échecs

mon arrivée en France, mes rentrées scolaires.

Mon brevet, ma Nintendo DS,ma preière représentataion sur scène.

mon mariage et mes enfants

naissance de ma sœur

naissance de mes frères et soeur,