My greatest fears are...

Mes plus grandes craintes sont...

a painful death, spiders, bees, bad grades.


being alone.

being an orphan.

concerning cancer

dark, getting kidnapped

death of anyone in my family or friends.

death too early.

Death, and growing up

elevators and bridges.

elevators, bugs

exile, not living up to expectations.

failing myself and my expectations.

failing school.


failure and uncertainty.

falling off from an airplane and anything that deals with hieghts.

fear itself, narrow spaces, terrorism

growing up to have a job I don't like


I can't think of any.

I have no fears, for I am great

i have no fears.


losing a family member

losing family and failing to achieve success in my future.

losing my family and leaving my friends behind.

losing sight of who I am and those who love me.

not getting into the university of my choice next year, and not being successful when i become an adult.

not getting to do everything i want to do in life and being too short on time.

not making enough money when I am an adult, not finding friends and good job/daily activities as an adult

not really any..

not succeeding in what I aspire to do, ending up alone in life

nothing really...maybe sharks.


roller coasters and heights.

snakes, flying on a plane by myself, getting lost.


spiders and drowning

that I will be too sick to stay in college.

the dark and robbers

the future (college, career, etc.) and missing out on opportunities.

the future.

- Araignées
- Devenir pauvre
- La mort d'un proche


d'avoir une seconde soeur

de mourrir, d'être malade, de perdre mes parents

de ne pas avoir mon diplome, et le décès de l'un de mes proches.

de ne pas réussir mes études, ne pas avoir de travail correctqui permertte de vivre.

de ne pas trouver de travail

faire des erreurs, ne pas être à la hauteur

l'échec scolaire, la mort de mes proches

l'inconnue et la mort

la maladie (cancer)ou un accident de voiture,
la mort de mes parents,

la mort

la mort

la pauvreté et ne pas connaitre l'amour

Le Bac. ( En première et en terminale )

ne pas réussir dans la vie

ne pas réussir, le redoublement

perdre mes parents, le cancer, rater mes objectifs

redoubler, ne pas réussir dans la vie professionnelle.

une 3° guerre mondiale.