A well-behaved child...

Un enfant bien élevé...

can be naughty AT TIMES but doesn't fuss and create embarrassing scenes for no reason.

Does as they are told.

does not interupt conversations, obeys the household rules, but they speak up for themselves politely if they feel upset

does not need to be disciplined he or she knows wrong from right

does what he knows is right or tries to when he does not know.

follows directions, loves family and friends, and is kind

follows rules given to them, is polite, kind, and well spoken.

follows the rules.

has respect and learns

is a child who does what they're told when not asked. They should know the difference between right and wrong, but can still make mistakes and learn from them.

is a child who is obedient to their parents and act well in public.

is caring and does the right things.

is disciplined.

is nice and acts more mature than the child's age

is obedient

is obedient.

is one that doesn't talk back to their parents.

is one that doesnt have tantrums because they want something and cant get it.

is polite and doesn't cause trouble.

is polite and helpful.

is polite and respectful.

is polite.

Is quiet when they are spoken to
Applies appropriate manners

is quiet, does not complain, is kind, generous, caring.

is someone that is well-mannered and is not spoiled.

is sweet and follows the rules set by his parents.

is very rare.

is when they respect their parents and dont make huge scenes in public.

listens to his or her parents

listens to his or her parents.

listens to their parents

Listens to their parents and never misbehaves.

listens to their parents.

listens to those older than he is and respects them as well.

obeys his parents and does what they should.

obeys the parents, loves the parents

obeys their parents and is kind to others.

one who is relaxed, not hyperactive

respectful to all and not running around like crazy.

respects his or her elders

respects his parents.

Someone who has manners, and respects adults.

treats parents with respect; listens to what they have to say and understands that he or she can learn something from the parents.

understands that certain behaviors are unacceptable in certain scenarios and thinks of others besides himself/ herself.

will obey and play nicely.

... est poli : dit "s'il vous plaît " "merci" , débarrasse la table , met le couvert , aide ses parents dans la vie de tous les jours .

apprend les codes de bonnes conduites

Dit " Bonjour ". ( Le Petit Prince )

est agréable et respectueux

est poli

est quelqu'un qui respecte les personnes autour de lui et qui a des valeurs morales enseignés par ses parents.

est sociable, respectueux

est un enfant poli, qui respecte les gens

est un enfant trés gentil et serviable

ne dit pas de gros mots, est polie, respecte les adultes

pense aux autres,
respecte la parole des autres,
respecte les règles,

poli, charmant

poli, respectueux

quelqun de poli, aimable, qui a recu une bonne éducation.

qui est poli

respecte les adultes, est poli

respecte ses parents et les autres

respecte, dit bonjour, est poli


un anfant polis , respectueux et obéissant .