You are cashing a personal check at a bank. The employee reads your name on the check and addresses you by your first name.

Vous touchez un chèque dans une banque. L'employé lit votre nom sur le chèque et vous adresse la parole en utilisant votre prénom.

allow it.

I dont care.

I dont care.

I most likely would not take too much offense to it and just call the teller by his or her first name.

I probably wouldn't notice.

I think that is friendly

I would be fine with that.

I would do nothing.

I would do nothing.

i would not care at all because it is my name.

I would not care.

I would not really care.

I would react to what the person was saying because being called by my first name would not bother me.

I would request that they respect my personal information and not address me by my first name in public situations, especially if the employee is a stranger.

I would respond politely.

i would smile at them nicely and continue the conversation.

I would tell them that that should not be done because it is a personal check.

I would think it was a little bit strange just because I don't know her but it's not too unusual.

I would think it was polite and considerate of them.

i wouldn't care at all

I wouldn't do anything.

I wouldn't mind.

I wouldn't really care

I wouldn't really care that much unless they were clearly acting rude.

I'd say "Howdy, what can i do for ya?"

I'd take it back and go to another bank

If it was someone older than me, I wouldnt mind because I am a teenager. But if I were older I would consider it impolite.

It wouldn't really bother me. As long as they called me by the correct first name.

Just continue on like normal


read the employees nametag, if visible and thank him or her and call him or her by his or her name


Say how's it going? Hows the day been?

so what...


take it back and give it to a different bank

That is ok. It's my name.

That's cool. I wouldn't mind it at all.

The employee would probably mispronounce my name and I would have to correct that person.

There's nothing wrong with that.

Think odd but no reaction.

Think that they are being very sincere to take the effort to be friendly and happy

This depends on the situation. If they are my age, I wouldn't care. If they were older, I would be offended.

Why would this matter. Unless it was someone creepy.

ca ne me fait rien

J'accepte le chèque sans rien dire.

J'accepte le chèque sans rien dire. Et je le remercie.

j'ignore , je lui demande son prénom

je coninu à le vouvoyer.

je déchire le chèque.

Je l'apelle lui aussi par son prénom qui est marqué sur son étiquette

je laisse faire

je le laisse faire

Je le reprends en lui rappelant de me nommer par mon nom de famille : après tout je ne le connais pas !!

je le trouve impolit mais le laisse faire pour ne pas créer de probleme

je lui dis que ce n'est pas profesionnel

Je lui dit qu'il est impoli.

je n'imagine même pas que cela puisse arriver

Je souris en lui indiquant que c'est mon prénom et non pas mon nom.

Je suis choqué

je suis flattée car je pense que la personne me considère comme quelqu'un de facilement abordable

On lui fait remarquer que ce n'est pas très professionnel

On n' est pas amis

Si je suis adulte, je le remet en place.