You are in the non-smoking section of a restaurant. Someone at the next table lights a cigarette.

Vous êtes dans la section non-fumeur d'un restaurant. Quelqu'un à la table d'à côté allume une cigarette.

Ask the waiter to tell them to stop

ask them if they could not smoke.

Bring it to the manager's attention.

call an employee and inform him/her about the person

Cough loudly until they get the hint.

cough so maybe they would get the hint


I ask him to stop.

i ask them to go somewhere else and if they don't agree then i would talk to the manager.

I complain and ask the waiter to move the person to a smoking zone or to move me away from the smoker.

I might remind them that this is the non-smoking section or I would wait and see if a waitress corrects them.

I tell my waiter/waitress.

I tell the waitress to do something about it.

I wait for the waiter and hopefully they can move me elsewhere.

I would ask my server to tell the person to put out their cigarette.

I would ask the waiter if he could move my party to another table.

I would ask them to put it out because there are most likely children in the section also.

I would ask them to put it out or get up and sit somewhere else.

I would be mad and think it was gross.

i would be very annoyed and tell the manager

I would cough loudly and try to make it seem like it was bothering me, without directly telling them.

I would do nothing since smoking doesn't bother me.

i would move away from the smoker

i would not care because it is their decision to polute their lungs with smoke.

I would politely ask them to put it out or go to another section as they are disturbing me.

I would say that I have asthma and ask them to smoke in the designated area.

I would start coughing loudly and see if he stopped smoking.

I would tell the waiter to ask them to move tables.

I would tell the waitress that the person is smoking.

I would tell them not to cough too hard or else he or she would die.

I would tell them that it was a non smoking section and if they wanted to smoke, they had to go to the other side of the restaurant. If they did not listen to me, I would get the manager or owner of the restaurant to tell the person to leave.

I would tell them that this is a non-smoking section and to go to the smoking section if they wish to smoke.

I would tell them that this is the non-smoking section and if they would like to smoke they can ask to be reseated.

I would tell them to move to another table.

i would tell them to put it out or i would asked to be seated somewhere else.

I'd tell the waitress to ask them to stop.

I'd tell them to look at the sign that clearly states, "NO SMOKING."

If I had kids i would ask the person polietly to put it out, if they didnt i would tell a waiter.

Move tables, or ignore them

Tell the waiter so they can handle the situation.

Tell the waitress to ask them to stop

tell them it is a non-smoking section

Tell them to please move

walk over to the table grab the cigarrette throw it in their drink and say smoking kills.


J'en parle avec mes proches à voix haute de manière à ce qu'il m'entende et comprenne

je le fais remarquer à un serveur du restaurant.

je lui demande de l'eteindre

Je lui demande de sortir

je lui demande poliment de l'étaindre pour respecter les autre

Je lui demande s'il peut se déplacer à l'endroit non-fumeur, ou bien d'éteindre sa cigaretette.

je lui dit de jeter sa cigarette dehors en lui disant d'aller la fumer dehors si il en a vraiment envie

je lui dit gentiment que cet espace est non-fumeur.

Je lui en demande une autre

je lui fais remarquer qu'il ne faut pas fumer

Je lui fait la réflexion que nous sommes dans une zone non-fumeur.

Je lui fait remarquer que c'est interdit et que malgré le fait que cela ne me gêne pas excessivement , cela peut déranger d'autres personnes

je préviens le serveur

Je sors.

Je suis choquée, je leur demande de l'éteindre ou de changer de section.

Lui demander de changer de table et aller dans la partie fumeur du restaurant.

On demande poliment de l'eteindre, ou d'aller dans une zone fumeur.

on lui fait remarquer qu'il ne devrait pas fumer et on lui fait prendre conscience des règles

vous lui dites que c'est interdit