You see a mother in a supermarket slap her child.

Vous voyez une mère dans un supermarché donner une gifle à son enfant.

ask why she slapped her child.

be very upset and ignore it because it really isnt my place to say anything or tell a higher official

Feel bad for the child because I know how they feel. Smile very apoligetically to the child.

give her a dirty look

Good, the child must have done something wrong. That's called discipline.

I avoid the situation

I comment to who I am with about the meaness of that mother and how appaling that behavior is.

I don't know.

I feel bad for the child but do not confront the mother.

I probably wouldn't actually say anything to the woman cause if she would hit her kid she'd probably hit me too.

I think did the kid deserve to be hit or does he have a bad mother.

I would be surprised but I would not get involved.

I would be too afraid to say anything because I am younger, but I would just look at her and make sure that she knows I look down upon what she's doing.

I would be very sad for the child and very upset with the mother.

I would feel sorry for the child, but I probably wouldn't say anything.

I would feel sorry for the child, but not say anything, because every mother has her own methods of discipline

i would feel very bad for the child

I would ignore it and walk away.

I would not do anything.

I would politely tell her that there are other non-violent methods of disciplining her child.

I would probably be upset but it's none of my business.

I would remember my childhood.

I would report her to a child abuse agency.

I would report her to authorities.

I would stare and make her feel bad, but I wouldnt say anything because its not my place how a mother parents her child.

I would tell her that hitting a child is a terrible thing to do and is abusive.

i would tell her that that was wrong and that it is illegal to do that and she can be sent to jail and not to do it again.

I would think to myself that it is wrong, but I probably would not say something.

I would watch in shock.

I wouldn't say anything but feel bad.

I'd be kind of shocked. I mean, i know it's her child and all, but keep that kind of stuff out of the public. I think it's wrong to begin with, especially in the supermarket.

I'd be scared for the rest of my life

I'd watch the child cry and pity him/her.

It depends on the situation and whether the punishment was justifiable.

It's not my place to say anything to either of them.

Never do the same myself.

pray for the child, feel bad

probably wouldnt do anything because she is probably repremanding her child.

Report her to some level of authority.

slap the mother

tell my mom and see what she does

the child probably deserved it.

there's not much i can do, everyone has their own ideals on how to raise a child

Unless she was beating her child, i couldnt say anything. All i could do was feel sorry for the child.

C'est normal , il a dû la mériter , chaque parent à sa propre manière d'éduquer son enfant.

Ce n'est pas mes affaires.

Je continnu mon chemin sans rien dire.

je fais rien

je l'ignore.

je laisse faire

Je m'en vais sans rien dire.

je me dit qu'il a du la mériter

Je n'agis pas.

je ne dis rien, c'est son problème

Je ne fais pas attention.

Je ne m'impose que s'il n'y a pas de raisons apparentes pour que cet enfant soit giflé.

Je ne me permet pas de lui faire de remarques même si je trouve cela inadmisible

je respecte son choix

je rigole et je pars

Je suis choquée, je compatis envers l'enfant et je fixe du regard la mère de l'enfant.

On est indifferent sauf si c'est très violent

on regarde sans rien dire

si elle a fait ca c'est qu'elle avait une bonne raison

si l'enfant le mérite, je ne peux rien faire