You see a student next to you cheating on an exam.

Vous voyez un étudiant à côté de vous qui triche lors d'un examen.

be anoyed and know they will go nowhere in life because it will catch up with them later

cover my paper

discreetly notify a teacher.

Do nothing it's their choice to cheat and be dishonest not mine.

I dont do anything.

I mind my own busness and keep working.

I say nothing

I tell the teacher after the exam that I am pretty sure that person was cheating.

I would be angry and tell other students after the test.

I would cover up my paper to asure they don't cheat off of my test.

i would do nothing thats his/her problem.

I would ignore it.

I would inform the teacher discreetly, without tellihg the student or anyone else.

I would most likely tell the teacher after class, or e-mail the teacher about it.

I would not be surprised.

I would quietly tell the teacher after class.

I would tell on him or her.

I would tell the teacher

i would tell the teacher because i want to be honest with them and it wouldn't be fair

I would tell the teacher.

I would tell the teacher.

I would wait until after class and then tell the teacher.

I would've told one of my friends who would've told an authority.

I wouldn't care; it's their education.

i wouldn't do anything

I wouldn't do anything

I wouldn't do anything

I wouldn't do anything because I know that even though it is unaceptable, many people cheat.

I wouldn't do anything cause its not my business if they want to cheat through life. its only hurting themselves

I wouldnt care at all.

I wouldnt say anything since almost everyone in high school cheats on exams.

I'd hope the student is copying the wrong answers.

I'm not one who really cares. It's their decision if they want to take the risk of getting caught cheating, not mine.

Ignore it for the moment, later tell them that i think it's not right

Ignore it, it's not my place to tell on them.

Ignore it.

Ignore it. It's their fault they didn't study.

its his decision to chance getting a zero on the exam.

Let them deal with their own conscience

Let them its not me.

tell the teacher

Tell the teacher

Tell the teacher, after the other student had left the room

They are only cheating them selves.

à la sortie, je lui demande s'il a la conscience tranquille, s'il peut encore se reharder dans la glace, et je lui dis qu'il est irresponsable par rapport aux autres

C'est son problème

C'est son problème , au bac s'il se fait prendre , c'est l'interdiction de passer un examen pendant 5 années : c'est à ses risques et périles.

Cela me fait rire, je trouve ça dommage

J'essaie de prendre ses reponses


Je continue mon travail, cependant cela m'énerve.

je l'ignore du moment qu'il ne recopie pas mon devoir.

je laisse faire

je le laisse faire en pensant que cela ne se fait pas.

Je le laisserai faire, après tout, c'est son problème.

je lui demande de m'aider

Je ne dis rien.

Je ne dit rien

Je ne fais rien, car le surveillant risque de croire que je triche aussi.

Je suis choquée mais je ne dis rien.

je triche avec lui

on le denonce

Sa m'énerve.

Tant pis pour lui si il se fait prendre.