United States

les Etats-Unis

America, freedom

America, North America

America, powerful

america, red white blue

America, snoby, cultural

american flag, presidents


democracy, freedom

Democracy, Freedom,

democracy, rights

diversity, burgers

diversity, diet coke,

fair,and familiar


Fast food

fat people, food

fifty states, America

freddom, american flag, food



Freedom, army

freedom, diversity

freedom, economic downturn

freedom, football

Freedom, Liberty, American Flag


freedom,melting pot

fun, exciting, sports

good, free, fun

greatness, pride,


home president

home, America, freedom

industry, business

Large, different

melting pot, different

Obese, Rich

of America

of America

people, America

red white blue

red white blue

rock, football

self-entitled, rich, imposing

barack obama, Mc donald, la maison blanche

Barack Obama, obésité, Mac Donald

capitalisme,gratte-ciel,mc donald

diversité ; gratte-ciel ; wall street

grand, contasté,

Grandeur ; Puissance Economique ; New York



le cinéma, Mc donald

Mac Donald's, Jazz, grandes villes
Mac Donald's, Jazz, grandes villes

Mac Donald, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon.

mac donalds, le drapeau, maison blanche

maison blanche,cinéma,les tours jumelles

Mc Donald, Ketchup, Musique américaine

New york, hamburger, barack obama

New York, Mac Do, cinéma


Obama , Statue de la Liberté, New York

Obama, bourse, Coca-cola

Obama, puissance économique, New York.

Obama, Stalone, Bretzel

Statue de la liberté, buildings, rêve