Ce que je préfère dans ma vie d'étudiant est ...

What I like best in my life as a student is ...

amis, ambiance, sport

associatif humain

de connaître différentes personnes, d'étudier une chose qui m’intéresse et de profiter que je ne dois pas travailler encore.

la découverte de nouvelles choses, le temps libre, l'échange avec les professeurs.

la liberté

la liberté et le sens de la responsabilité

la vie associative.

le sport, les sorties, le temps libre, la liberté, l'indépendance

les amis

les sorties, la ville et les copains

les week-ends

liberté, disponibilité, fête

mes amis.
les sorties.
le temps libre.

mon indépendance

mon indépendance, passer de bons moments avec mes amis, et étudier ce qui me plaît.

mon temps libre, ma formation, bordeaux

sport, donner des cours, amis

being able to take french in college.

being in the classroom.

free doctor visits.
seeing my friends on campus.
trying to walk on black ice.

freedom to study what ever I am interested in

having relatively few responsibilities, and being able to take classes based on my interests, rather than arbitrary requirements.

independence, learning, making a difference

learning new things

meeting new interesting people while learning new interesting things

meeting new people

my independence, the ability to chose the field and classes I'm interested in, the thought that I have control of my future

social life, ability to challenge myself

that I don't have to worry about earning money for housekeeping and I can learn what I want to learn.

the freedom to make my own rules for myself.

the freedom, playing a sport, partying

what i learn has no boundaries.

when I got a scholarship
when I got 1st prize.
when I got A