At work, you find out that your boss has been reading your e-mail.

Au travail, vous découvrez que votre paron lit votre courier électronique.

approach him
i get really mad
I will get really really angry, and ask him why he ever did that.
i would alert their boss, and if their is no one higher up i would talk to them about it, or quit
I would ask him why is he doing that, if there isn't a good reason, I would be very upset
I would be furious
I would be infuriated, then brief my boss on the privacy laws and how reading other peoples mail is a federal offense.
i would confront him and tell her that he is invading my privacy
I would feel decieved , but would not do or say anything.
I would feel really violated and put a password on my email
I would probably quit, unless there was a resonable reason for them to be reading my email.
I would tell him that I don't agree with that attitude and resign
I would try to talk about that with some other people in the department, and I'd try to make sure the boss of my boss know it.
I'd be angry inside, and create a new e-mail account.
I'd be really angry, maybe even confront them about invading my privacy
i'd confront him or her and give a chance to explain, but will start looking for a new job anyway, maybe sue.
report him to authorities
Simply, email him and ask that he stop reading my email. It is private.
That sucks, but what can you do?
Uh oh, better stop sending as many personal emails
write funny e-mail making fun of the boss. Then ask my boss about it..

j'en profite pour en tirer avantage
je l'attaque aux prud'hommes
je l'informe de mon intention d'en informer la hiérarchie
je le menace d'aller devant les tribunaux
je le menace de porter plainte
je le menace de porter plainte
Je le menace de poursuites s'il recommence
Je le menace de procès
je le poursuis en justice.
je le savais deja
Je le signale au délégué du personnel
je lui cite la loi
je lui demande des explications avant de présenter ma démission
je lui dis que c'est personnel
je lui dit que c'est une atteinte à ma vie privée
je lui signale qu'il porte atteinte à ma vie privée
je m'en fiche, je n'envoie pas de messages personnels depuis le bureau
je me renseigne sur les lois en vigueur pour savoir s'il a le droit de le faire
je n'ai pas de réaction particulière. mais j'interdits à mes amis de m'envoyer des messages personnels
Je porte plainte au tribunal
je ralentis tout d'abord la fréquence de mes mails personnels puis s'il persiste je lui dit aimablement qu'il n'en a pas le droit
je trouve cela inadmissible et je l'attaque en justice
je vais le rencontrer pour lui expliquer qu'il s'agit de ma vie privée