A classmate speaks about his/her personal religious beliefs in a class discussion.

Un/e camarade de classe parle de ses croyances religieuses personnelles lors d'une discussion de classe.

I respect each person's beliefs and take the opportunity to learn more about his/her religion.
i respect that
I will listen to them carefully to learn about it.
I would be interested and listen intently.
I would be somewhat sceptical, but still understanding that one may enjoy the religion.
I would be surprised, but would not necessarily think that it was inappropriate
I would listen and respect. I would try to learn from him/her
i would listen and then do nothing
I would listen to him/her
i would respect his opinions
i would speak about my beliefs as well.
I wouldn't make a big deal out of it, though I would likely disagree with what they have to say
I'd feel slightly intimidated by the openness, but also feel that that means the class is providing an environment welcoming people to share and feel comfortable
I'd listen and try not to make any offensive comments.
I'll listen carefully
listen and share my beleifs if appropriate
listen and try and find the similarities between our faiths
Listen to what they have to say and hope to learn something from him.
Listen to what they have to say, as long they are presented in a non-confrontational way
shut up!!
Think about how they differ from mine.

c'est son choix
Ca me gène, cela relève de la sphère privée
chacun a le droit d'exprimer ses opinions
Et alors?
j ecoute
je l'ecoute avec interet
je l'écoute avec attention
je l'écoute et j'apprécie son intervention
je lui pose des questions pour mieux comprendre sa vision de sa religion et cherche à en savoir plus sur celle-ci si elle est différente de la mienne
je m' y intéresse
je m' y intéresse
je m'en fous
je m'en fous
je m'en fous éperduement.
je m'interesse a ce qu'elle dit mais n'intervient pas car je ne serait souvent pas d'accord
je m'introduit dans la discussion
je ne m'interesse pas à la discussion
je respecte
liberté de penser donc j'écoute et on en discute
on en parle ouvertement
On échange nos idées avec tolérance et respect
voilà le meilleur moyen d'échanger et de confronter des points de vue divers