A good citizen is someone

Un bon citoyen est quelqu'un

helps others
is commited to upholding the rights of others and meets his responsibilities.
open-minded, honest
polite, willing to make friends and say hello, sincere
serves their country, participates in all levels of government, obeys the rules
stands up for freedom, who aims to improve community
takes pride in being part of the culture, and helps to better the country in any way
votes, doesnt litter
votes, pays taxes, promotes USA pride.
who cares about the state of their country and surroundings
who cares for the other people, respects them
who cares for their country.
who do his/her duty to support the community.
who is knowledgeable in the issues of the day and who participates fully in civic life
who is patriotic, who fights for his country
who is respectful of the people they live with
who puts his nation first, but does it not because of the fame he may earn
who respects the rest of the population, who cares about his community
who votes and cares for his fellow citizens.
who votes, pays all taxes, does not cause any crime
who will never betray the country, votes every year

qui ose critiquer sa nation
d'autonome qui ne nuit à personne.
de respectueux
doué d'esprit critique
qui aide les autres
qui participe à la vie citoyenne, qui vote, respecte l'interet general
qui participe à la vie publique, qui a un sens civique, qui va voter
qui place la loi au dessus de ses intérets personnels
qui respecte les autres comme lui-même
qui respecte les lois et les autres citoyens
qui respecte les regles sociales et les lois, qui contribue à la vie collective
qui respecte les règles de vie en société
qui s'implique dans la vie de la cité, qui vote
qui s'implique de la vie de la cité
qui se sent concerné par la vie de la nation
qui vote
qui vote
qui vote à chaque élection
qui vote, qui fait attention aux autres
qui vote, qui respecte la loi
qui vote, qui respecte les lois
qui vote, respecte autrui
respectueux des lois, attentif aux autres