A good student is someone

Un bon étudiant est quelqu'un

attends class regularly, studies for tests, does her homework in a timely fashion, ask appropriate questions
gets good grades, is a genius
is commited to learning.
is responsible with his work, but at the same time knows how to enjoy life
smart, gets good grades, helps other people
studious, organized, clever
tries hard, gets good grades, does not cheat
understands what needs to be learned, can sort truth from falsehoods, can solve problems
who always completes the homework on time, comes to class every day
who can motivate himself/herself to achieve a certain goal.
who does their best to learn the material presented in class
who goes to every class, understands every lecture, does all homework
who has great intellectual curiosity and whose love of learning drives him to work hard
who is responsible
who is serious at his studies
who likes what he's learning, who knows why he's taking that class
who studies hard and interacts with other students. , One who works hard on school work, but also takes time for others.
who studies hard, who earns good grades
who takes her work seriously, and wants to learn
who wants to learn and makes an effort to do so
works assiduosly, and is driven

qui travaille un minimum pour réssir ses examens
d'assidu, qui travaille
de consciencieux
de consciencieux, n'ayant pas peur d'avoir d'autres activités que ses études
de motivé, qui a soif de comprendre
de passionné
de sérieux, d'assidu , de consciencieux
qui est curieux, qui sache s'investir dans une tache sans que l'on lui dise
qui est curieux, qui travaille consciencieusement
qui est serieux
qui ne complote pas à l'encontre de ses camarades
qui s'intéresse à ses études et à son avenir
qui s'investie dans ses études
qui s'investit
qui s'investit dans ses études.
qui travaille intelligemment
qui travaille,
qui travaille, participe en cours, est intéressé
qui travaille; qui a de bon resultats
qui veut réussir
qui étudie consciencieusement
qui étudie consciencieusement
réussit ses examens
travaille intelligemment.