My privacy is invaded when

Ma vie privéle est atteinte quand

business, government, or other people pry unnecessarily into the details of my life
I am in the shower and someone comes in, when someone serches thorugh my books and notes
i can no longer control which aspects of my personal life become public, when thoughts become known without my permission
I explicitly ask for something to be confidential and someone reads it or tells someone about it.
i lose my anonymity.
my mail is read.
others can look up anything about me, when i can be watched without my knowledge, when peopel can sell my information or image without my knowledge or permission
others don't respect my personal life as personal
people borrow my belongings without asking, go through my things
people question me about my religion, people ask how much money I make,
people that i am not comfortable with find out things that I don't share with many people
someone doesn't respect me
someone enters my own space without permission
someone finds out essential information (credit card#, SSN, etc.)
someone is with me all the time and keeps asking questions
someone leaked my inferior feelings about which I consulted.
someone looks through my email, looks through my computer, looks at my grades
someone reads my mail
you can see me changing, you can hear my thoughts
you effortfully search for my details without my approval
you steal my foods, someone tries to find out my grades, someone listens in on my conversations

je suis épiée
je suis épiée
j'ai mon premier enfant
je reçois un "spam" !! et qu'on lit mon courrier.
l'immixtion qui y est faite ne fut pas consentie pas mes soins
mes faits et gestes sont enregistrés à mon insu
mes secrets sont révélés
mon domicile est violé, quand des propos sont ecrits à notre insu
on critique mes croyances
on entre dans ma sphere d'intimité
on fouille dans mes affaires
on m'importune.
on me pose certaines questions indiscrètes
on retrace mes actions pour me ficher afin de connaitre mes agissements.
on revele des choses sur moi
on s'immisce sans demander l'autorisation
on s'y immisce
on se mêle de mes affaires sans mon accord et qu'on la divulgue
on surveille ce que je fais
on utilise mes données personnelles sans mon consentement
quand on divulgue des infos sur moi sans mon accord
quand on m'en parle trop souvent
quand on me pose des questions trop personnellles
quelqu'un écoute mes conversations téléphoniques