A policeman/policewoman in the street stops you and asks for your ID.

Un agent de police vous arrête dans la rue et vous demande vos papiers.

"Sure whatever you say, but I didn't do anything"
ask why/demand rights
I first ask on what grounds they are entitled to see my ID.
i get mad
I will show my ID to them.
i would ask him why
I would ask why? Then I would ask to first see their badge. Then I would show them it, if their reasons were justified.
I would be completely shocked. I would hand over my ID willingly.
I would be scared.
I would be unusual, so I would be curious as to why, but show them
I would comply, politely, but I'd be very angry about it
I would get defensive and hand over my ID
I would show it to him, and ask him why is he doing that
I would show my ID (considering that many countries slowly turn into police states)
I would take it out and show it
i wouldn't give it to them unless they had a legitimate reason
I'd ask why
I'd be a bit panicked, but not act so
I'll ask why the police officer needs it, but take it out
show it to her
take out my ID and but before I hand it over question why it is neccesary.

j'obtempère sans hésiter
je les lui donne
je les lui donne
Je les lui montre
je les lui remets en lui demandant pourquoi
je lui demande pourquoi
je lui demande pourquoi est ce qu'il me les demande
je lui dit que je ne les ait pas sur moi
je lui donne
Je lui donne
je lui donne
je lui donne
je lui donne avant j'ai verifie qu'il est bien de la police
je lui donne en pensant que normalement il ne peut me demander çà sans avoir des indices ou soupçons que je suis en train ou vais commettre une infraction pénale
Je lui donne et je reste polie
je lui donne immédiatement
je lui donne mes papiers
je lui donne mes papiers
je lui donne sauf si je sais être en regle
je lui montre et demande pourquoi
je lui montre ma carte bleue et je lui dis que je n'en ai pas.
je lui présente mes papiers
je vérifie sa qualité d'officier de police judiciaire....et lui donne mes papiers