You find out that your best friend has been lying to you about someone or something that is important to you.

Vous découvrez que votre meilleur/e ami/e vous ment à propos de quelqu'un ou d'une affaire qui vous tient à coeur.

go to him and ask him why.
i beat him senseless
I can't get too worked up over it; I'm a bigger liar.
I don't think this would ever happen, but I guess I'd mostly be confused and wonder why they lied
I sit her down and confront the situation, asking her to explain why.
I will not ask her about it because there must be a reason why she did so.
i would be really mad, and approach them about it to find out their side of the story
I would be very angry and dissapointed. I may or may not discuss it with my friend.
I would be very very hurt, and become very silent. Then when it was the right time, I would talk to them about it.
i would get mad
I would get upset and talk to her
I would talk to her and find out why she has been lying to me.
I would talk to him abou it, depending on the reasons for him doing that, I would or would not turst him as before
I would to him/her and tell him how I feel. Then I would probably try to stay away from that person
I would try to see through the reason, depending on the possible reason I might raise the question at the first opportunity
I'd be very disappointed and wonder what else he/she's been lying about
I'd try to talk to my best friend in a peaceful manner and understand what he/she is thinking.
I'd try to understand why my friend did that, they might have a good reason, if not I wouldn't trust them again
remind myself that everyone makes mistakes
Talk to her about it, and why she lied to me
talk to them about itq

j'essaie de comprendre la raison de ce mensonge
je la fait parler et essaie de l'amener à me dire la vérité
Je le lui fais remarquer
je le prends mal
je le tape et je l'oublie.
je lui demande des explications
je lui demande des explications
Je lui demande des explications
je lui demande pourqoui il ment et je le mets devant son propre mensonge
je lui demande pourquoi
je lui dis qu'elle me decoit
je lui fais part de mes doutes
je lui fais part de mes doutes
Je lui parle et je me dispute avec lui/elle
je m'emporte
je m'écoute "Ta meilleure amie" de Lorie en pleurant
je me fache contre lui ou elle
je ne lui fais plus confiance
je ne lui fais^plus confiance
je réagis d'abord excessivement en m'énervant puis lui demande pourquoi elle m'a menti et ensuite je vois si je dois lui en vouloir ou pas
je suis deçue
je suis très deçue et essaye de comprendre sa réaction
je suis très décu et très attristé
je suis vexé