You see a mother in a supermarket slap her child.

Vous voyez une mère dans un supermarché donner une gifle à son enfant.

Give a dirt look?
Give her a disgusted look, but otherwise not say anything to her
hahahahaha, it never fails, everytime I go to a supermarket I see this
I do not interfere.
i laugh
I recoil inwardly but don't confront her over it
I will ignore because it is her policy to raise up a child.
I would feel bad for the child
I would notice that beating children is counterproductive in bringing them up
I would say, "Dang!"
i would tell her that's not proper.
I would think that kid did something bad, hoping that the mother did that while she was in control of her self and she didn't slap the kid just because she was madd
I would wince and look away.
i wouldn't say anything
I'd feel hurt for the child, but wouldn't know what to do.
I'll feel sorry for the child but think that i don't have the position nor the knowledge to be educating the mother
If she slaps the child very hard and in an abusive manner and obviously injurs the child I would intervene, if she simply squatted the child and didn't injur them and it was obvious she didn't mean to injur them I would let it go

ca me choque
cela dépend des circonstances
cela ne me regarde pas
chacun éduque ses enfants comme il l'entend même de manière radicale
elle a surement raison, c'est le metier qui rentre.
j'essaye de la sensibiliser en lui faisant une remarque
je dis rien
je l'injurie et lui rend la pareille.
je l'insulte
je n'ai pas de réaction à moins que le coup soit trop fort
Je n'ai pas à m'immiscer dans l'éducation d'un enfant étranger sauf si cela devient violent
Je ne fais rien mais je ne supporte pas ça
je ne m'en méle pas
je ne m'en mêle pas mais je penserais que je ne suis pas d'accord avec son geste
je ne réagis pas
je ne réagis pas
je passe mon chemin
je pense qu'elle est dure
je regarde si c est un geste justifiee
je suis choquee mais je ne dis rien
je suis choquée et je lui jette un regard noir
je suis consterné,
je trouverai cela choquant