You see a student next to you cheating on an exam.

Vous voyez un étudiant à côté de vous qui triche lors d'un examen.

As long as she is not cheating off of me, I do not interfere. I might tell the student she is cheating off of though.
hmm... wonder whether to report or not to
I keep it to myself
i respect that
I will ignore.
I would ask him/her to stop, next I would report to TA
I would be surprised. I would not do anything
i would keep doing my test and then mention it to the professor
I would lose my respect for the student
I would not care
I wouldn't do anything as long as he wasn't looking at my exam.
i wouldn't do anything unless it was graded on a curve
I'd feel disappointed and try to get their attention to make them stop
I'd see the cheater as a lowly cheater forever.
If it's not a big deal I would let it go. If it is a crucial exam, after the exam I would tell the professeur in private.
It's their business, they're not learning a whole lot by doing that
Make sure they aren't cheating off me, but otherwise not pay much attention
Nothing - not my problem.
nothing unless she is cheating off of me
poor guy, he's in a lose lose situation because even if he gets away with it, he still doesn't learn the required material

Cela ne me regarde pas
j'essaie de faire pareil
je dis rien
je l'ignore
je le dénonce
je le laisse faire : chacun doit prendre ses responsabilités
je m'en fous,
je m'en moque
Je m'en moques
je me tais et pense qu'il en sera puni d'une façon ou d'une autre
je ne dis rien
je ne fais rien du tout
Je ne fais rien, je l'aide s'il me demande et qu'il n'y a pas de risque pour moi
je ne m'en mèle pas
je ne m'en préocupe pas le moins du monde (chacun sa vie)
je ne réagis pas
je ne réagis pas
je reste concentrer sur mon sujet
je suis degoutée mais je dis rien, il aura une meilleure note, c'est injuste
je suis écoeurée, je fais attention à ce que l'on ne pense pas que je triche également
à ses risques et perils