La Cage aux Folles/ The Birdcage


During these past days Miranda and I have been working in a comparision between "La cage aux folles" and "The Birdcage". One of the main topics of the film is homosexuality. What do French people think about homosexual people? Are they accepted in sociey? Or do they live isolated?

Also, in the film, the French people seem very worried about social status. When a daughter or a son is going to get married, do you think that usually parents are more interested in the social status of the girl/boyfriend than of his/her moral ideals?

I noticed that many changes made to the American version seemed to have been made to make the audience more comfortable. The directors toned down controversial topics. Do you think that French directors are more "daring" or is it that the French public is more accepting of things Americans have trouble dealing with?

The parents in the French movie mentioned being the son of a police officer as a grand honor. From the earlier forums I was under the impression that Police were not held up as pillars in society. Is it really a large honor there?