la fète


Il me semble que dans la version américaine la fête est plus grande, il y a plus de monde que dans la version française.

Je trouve pour ma part que la fête dans la version américaine est beaucoup plus impressionnante. D'abord cela se passe dans un appartement incroyable au plein centre de New y a un million de personnes...cela fait très fête VIP. mais les gens qui sont rassemblés ne semblent même pas se connaitre.

I also noticed a difference in the two films with regards to sex. In the French film the discussion in the kitchen was very straightforward and explicit compared to the American film. The men in the American film did discuss sex, however it was much more subtle. Sex was implied but never actually stated. I think this is a common thing in American films. I think this has something to do with the rating system in the United States. Some films are only meant for people above a certain age. The film we watched was intended for people of all ages so the sexual content was very low. Does Franch have a system for rating films?