Good-bye / Au revoir


Nice working with everyone!
Posted by Alicia on April 4, 2004
Thanks a lot to everyone for contributing their comments and participating in discussions. I really enjoyed being able to trade thoughts with all of you and hope that you have a fun rest of the year!

Posted by Katherine on April 4, 2004
It's always fascinating to learn about cultures so different from your own...I hope you guys had fun. :) Bye!

Posted by Yong-yi on April 4, 2004
I think it's been very informative learning about the differences in cultures. I've picked up on a lot of things about French life in general that I never would have known from text books. Thanks for making this an interesting experience.

Posted by Phil on April 5, 2004
Thanks for working with us on this project. Good luck with the rest of your studies.

Posted by Isaac on April 5, 2004

adios amigos
Posted by Nicholas on April 5, 2004
I hope you learned as much about America as we did about France. Thanks and good luck with everything.

Au revoir
Posted by Kezia on April 5, 2004
It was interesting to get to know more about your culture and the way you approach life. Thanx for everything. Byeee... :)

au revoir
Posted by Howard on April 5, 2004
It was fun talking to you on the forums. I've learned a lot over the past months about French culture. Thanks. Au revoir.

Goodbye and take care
Posted by Peter on April 5, 2004
Thanks much for the discussion these past few weeks. It was an excellent way to better understand the language and the way it related to the culture. Goodbye, all!

Posted by Caroline on April 6, 2004
Merci à vous d'avoir participé avec autant d'assiduité, de régularité et de rigueur. J'ai trouvé très interessant d'échanger avec vous des idées et des points de vue. J'espère que tous se passera bien pour vos études et vos vies en général. A bientôt !!!

ce n'est qu'un au revoir...
Posted by Pauline on April 6, 2004
Ravie de vous avoir rencontré. Et à bientôt peut être pour de nouvelles aventures IUP/MIT. :-)

Posted by Molly Peeples on April 7, 2004
Hey... I just gave a close look to your class photo, and y'all're cute... wanna go on a date sometime?

Goodbye and Thanks
Posted by Jonathan on April 7, 2004
Thank you for working with us to learn French, both the language and culture. It was wonderful to learn new things and to be able to interact with people in a live manner, with give-and-take, rather than just to sit and read a book. It was a pleasure to talk to you and even more fun to argue with you. I hope you did not take everything we said to seriously or in a wrong manner. I, at least at some points, was being facetious, sarcastic, and satirical, or, as you might say, 'parler avec l'ironie'.

If any of you ever come to Boston, let us know, we would be more than happy to host you and/or show you around!


Goodbye :)
Posted by Susanna on April 8, 2004
Thank you so much for sharing with us the French culture. The project has been very interesting indeed. I hope that you've had fun in the project too. Cheers.