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After viewing both films, the discrepancy that stood out the most was that in the French film the three men didn't have a terribly hard time attracting women, even when they had the baby. In the American film, Michael always seemed awkard with women and could never get past the point of being "just friends". My question is this: since the American film provided that at least one of the men couldn't easily attract women, why do you think the French film so presumptiously portrayed that all three French men would? Are French men more seductive or is it the general sentiment that they "are just really good with women"? While all men chase women, I noticed when I visited France, it seemed to be more of an art (there is an element of "wooing" involved). Is this a fair assessment?


In the American film, there is a highlighted scene where the three men are in Central Park with the baby and each man receives a lot of female attention when they are individually playing with the baby. This notion was not displayed in the French film and I was wondering whether the idea that a man is irresistable (or at least more attractive) with a baby is cross-cultural? In other words, was this notion specifically left out of the French film because it don't exist, or isn't that important, etc?


Je pense que pour nos deux cultures un homme peut être plus séduisant quand il s'occupe d'un bébé et Je ne sais pas pouquoi ce n'est pas montré dans la version française.Les femmes en général recherchent l'homme qui leur conviendra le mieux et le critère "être un bon père" nous touche particulièrement.C'est toujours attendrissant de voir qu'un homme aime les bébés et surtout qu'il sache s'en occuper!ça le rend plus sensible et donc on a tendance à penser que c'est un mec bien!

I believe that even if women are attraced to men with babies in France, that the film makers chose not to put this in the film because Michel was trying to make the drug deal and it would not have fit in the scene.


je suis d'accord avec pense que ça ne suivait pas avec le contexte mais le réalisateur n'y fait pas allusion ailleurs dans le film je crois.peut-être ce n'était pas pour lui indispensable au film même si c'est pourtant vrai aussi pour les femmes françaises.

I agree with you guys. Also, I think that the inclusion of the men getting women with the baby in the American film is sending a different overall message than the french film. It detracts from the contrast in the lives of the men. In the French film, the men went from dating many different women to caring for the infant, with minimal dating. By making the baby a positive thing in the social lives of the Americans, the director distracts the viewer from this main point. I think each film has a different purpose. The American film focuses more on family, while the french film seems to focus on the difficulty of caring for the baby, and how it changes the characters. What do you think?


je suis d'accord avec toi.les 2 films ont sûrement une approche différente du sujet.C'est vrai que le film français tend à changer radicalement le caractère des hommes.En quelque sorte, il les rend responsables et adultes car avant ils ne pensaient qu'à s'amuser, draguer et collectionner les filles.Ce qui correspond plus à une vie d'adolescent qu'à une vie d'adulte.l'enfant les a fait mûrir! Et c'est mignon de voir comme ils se sont attachés à l'enfant alors qu'avant ils ne voulaient pas en entendre parler.Ils deviennent plus "humains" et le bébé leur fait avoir des sentiments alors qu'ils en semblaient dépourvus!!(surtout vis-à-vis des femmes!)

The men in the American movie seemed to be a little less extreme in their relationships with women. For example, Peter has been dating a woman for five years, and Michael would rather help a girl to be happy than sleep with her. In the French film, however, the guys trade women's phone numbers, or talk about "getting rid" of a woman so "the guys" can hang out. Why do you think the American version was softened up? Do you think it makes a difference in the message of the film? Also, there were many more scenes in the French version involving the men taking care of the baby. In the American film, there were'nt nearly as many tender moments with the men and Mary. Do you think this was a bad decision, to leave so many of these scenes out? I think it leaves less room for character growth. What do you think the significance of these decision is?


Je pense que le message du film a plus de poids dans la version française avec les contrastes entre la vie amoureuse mouvementée des hommes, et l'amour qu'il montre pour le bébé.Il est important de montrer les hommes et leur multitude de conquêtes, puis les sacrifices qu'ils font pour s'occuper du bébé. Le message est clair: L'arrivée d'un bébé transforme la vie d'un homme.

In both films, Pierre/Peter seemed frustrated and impatient when at the store buying food and diapers. Peter seemed to be a lot more hostile though. Also, it seemed like he was a little embarrassed to be seen buying diapers. Even though the woman working at the store was trying to help, Peter was rude. In the French version, Pierre seems to be less rude towards the salesperson. Also, the store was a lot smaller and more intimate in the French film. The atmosphere seemed warmer, overall. What do you think this says about the character of American men vs. French men (stereotypically, perhaps) if it says anything at all?

dans la version américaine, Pierre est dans un supermarché alors que dans la version française, il est dans une pharmacie. Il s'adresse à une pas à une vendeuse de supermarché donc forcément, plus poli.

Mais sinon les Français ne sont pas très polis en réalité...trop impulsifs! surtout à Paris.

What did you think of Peter in the American version being in an open relationship, seeing other people? Also Pierre's girlfriend in the French version barely appears, while she is important in the American version.

In the french version, the mens friends/girlfriends seem very indifferent to the existence of the baby. Infact at the party they even get irritated and leave. This is also the situation with Pierre's girlfriend.

In the american version however, peter's girl friend is very amused by the whole situation. It also seems that she does get involved in the whole deal and is not put off by the men singing to the baby in the middle of the night.

Why this difference in their atitudes to the baby?