A good job

Un bon emploi

challenges you

deserves praise, should be expected of everyone, makes one feel good about oneself

enjoyable, pays well, has reasonable hours

exhilarating, constantly changing, intellectually stimulating

is fulfilling anf rewarding.

is fun, challenging, and rewarding.

is one that challenges you.

is one that makes you want to go to work all the time because you love it so much, gives you satisfaction because you are making the world a better place, is not based just on payroll

is one that pays extremely well, provides satisfaction to the employee, and increases national growth.

is one that pays well.

is one that you enjoy, fun, satisfying, benefiting the world.

is one where you like what you're doing and is not immoral.

is the one that brings great difficulty, but its conclusion, which is sweet and glorious, renders it all worthwhile.

makes you feel secure.

pays a lot, makes you think, keeps you engaged

pays good money.

pays well and gives you sufficient free time, but also makes you feel good about the work you do

provides intellectual challenges.

provides you with numerous opportunities for development, good benefits, and plenty of vacation time.

something you like doing, with a good pay, and nice work atmosphere


épanouissant, enrichissant, bien rémunéré

bon salaire, responsabilités, qui nous fait plaisir

est enrichissant, intéressant, stable et rémunérateur

est intéressant

est intéressant, offre des opportunités et des avantages, permet de vivre

est l'emploi qui plait à l'employé

est n'importe quel emploi, pouvu qu'il soit honnête.

est un emloi où l'on se sent épanoui, qui peut être pérenne et qui nous permet de gagner asez d'argent pour vivre

est un emploi passionnant et décemment rémunéré

est un emploi qui est en fonction des études d'un individu. C'est aussi un emploi valorisant.

est un poste où l'on se sent bien à travailler, développe les compétences de l'employé

gagne beaucoup d'argent, apprend toujours quelque chose de nouveau et permet l'épanouissement de soi

l'endroit où l'on est passionné, où l'on se sent apprécié

missions intéressantes, cadre de travail agréable, collègues sympas, bon salaire

offre de l'argent, du temps pour soi, et permet de s'épanouir

on s'y intéresse, on y va motivé, il y a une possibilité de carrière

permet de s'épanouir tout en gagnant correctement sa vie.

rapporte de l'argent, fait vivre correctement sa famille, n'est pas routinier


A lot of the Americans said that a good job was one that was fun. The French never used "fun" as part of their criteria for a job. Instead, they wanted a job that they could feel passionate about. I like the idea of bringing passion into the workplace. Perhaps in a way the American fun and the French passion are the same thing; basically they mean that the job will get them excited, be enjoyable and all that. To the French students: do you agree? What do you think is the difference between passion and fun? I guess the biggest difference is that various activities can be fun (enjoyable), even if you don't feel a deep passion for them. Maybe the French want a more meaningful sort of enjoyment.

What I found is that both the French and the Americans were interested in jobs
that payed well. I didn't notice that the Americans were especially interested
in jobs that were "fun", like Cecilia says. Instead I noticed that the French
were more interested in jobs that were interesting or where they could make use
of their skills, while the Americans were more interested in jobs that were
challenging or rewarding, where it may be backbreakingly difficult to complete
but the joy of the work was in the accomplishment. I don't know exactly what to
make of this. This may say that Americans like taking on jobs which they might
not be fully qualified for, they are more ambitious, or they like attempting
the impossible while the French want a job where they won't be as stressed and
they can make proper use of their talents for society.

Americans are especially driven to make their individual mark in the workplace. Promotion and recognition are of prime importance, and people tend to grow restless in their jobs if they don't feel that they are "moving up" to tasks with increasing amounts of responsibility as time goes on. I wonder if the French are naturally more content with their work, not quite as obsessed with professional development and more concerned with true personal fulfillment.