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I noticed that in the French movie, Pierre and Michel leave Marie alone in the apartment when they have to leave for work. However, in the American movie, Peter and Michael leave Mary with their neighbor when they have to leave. I think the American filmmakers deliberately changed that scene to make it more acceptable to American audiences. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

I agree. I think for American audiences, the filmmakers tried to make the movie as feel-good and uncontroversial as possible. I think they wanted to simply make a movie that would make as much money as possible. For that reason, the American move is very sappy, which I believe detracts from the overall humor of the movie. The French movie was funny at times for the very callousness of the men.

En général, j'ai l'impression que les Americans ont tendence de rendre leur films très idéaliste. Le film français fait rire et en même temps il fait penser à ce genre des situations