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Would anyone be interested in doing a project about sports?
-Becky Idell

anyone interested in the role of drinking in college (US vs. France)
due to the differences in legal drinking age and cultural aspects?

I wanted to do something about the role of drinking! haha but
otherwise... maybe something about materialism and brand-names and

toying with the idea of the role of film and how movies affect our
cultures. I'm no movie expert, but I'm mildly interested in the effect
"the silver screen" has on us culturally.

I'm also intersted in the role of sports, good idea, Becky!

sports sounds like a good idea. If we want something to be specifically
American, go with something along the lines of baseball or football?

How are we supposed to present this though?

Does anyone want to something about random things on campus?

Pics at midnight, daily life etc?


idea would be to present fraternities and sororities, which I think are
very "American" and are a big part of any college, MIT in particular.

I also like the drinking idea, Jennifer.

I think frats and drinking could be combined into one topic, maybe.

I definitely like the football/baseball idea. Baseball might be
easier since it's baseball season. I went to Fenway a lot last year and
have some photos. Maybe we could go on a field trip and see a game
there and take interesting pictures. Perhaps we could compare baseball
to the popular sports in France (soccer?).


The drinking idea sounds interesting, and combining it with greek life could work as well.

I'd be up for taking a field trip to see a red sox game. Seems
like sports is prevailing here, but is anyone interested in comparing
different musical groups and their role in student life?

I was under the impression we were to discuss with the
students at l'X about topics, but I don't know where they are, so I
guess we can just bring up the topics we've discussed here in class



How about something on the many, many different clubs that we have and how they effect community/ diversity here on campus.

Besides that, I would also be interested in doing something on
greek life but I think it would be nice to look at some of the more
positive aspects of greek life rather than just the drinking aspect.


idea of drinking presented by some of you sparked something along the
same lines: smoking. I think it would be really interesting to document
in photos the cultural significance of smoking (cigarettes is my
original idea, although maybe it could be expanded to drugs as well,
maybe) in the US and in France. I hope there's somebody else interested
in this project.


I would be interested in exploring the affect of films, movies and the media on popular culture.
Also, culture of alcohol on campus would be interesting to investigate.

would be interested in a project on smoking, considering the
smoker/non-smoker dichotomy in the U.S. I think there would be more to
say about it (e.g. the current debate over smoking in public places)
than drinking in France. Drinking just seems to be a non-issue there
(although I agree that it would be very interesting on our end)...

Je pense que le theme des verres (drink glasses or recipients) pourrait
nous devoiler la maniere dont les americains et les francais boivent
(de l'alcool ou autre ...!). Cela montrerait de plus ce que l'on boit
et a quel moment!


salut tout le monde,

j'aimerais bien aue le sujet des amis et de l'amitie soit
aborde, qui sont nos amis? que fait on avec eux. et meme grace a ca, on
peut savoir comment ses derniers nous aident (ou pas) a murir ( ce
n'est pas le terme exact mais j'en ai pas trouve de meilleur, en
quelquesorte comment structure notre personnlite et notre comportement
en fonvtion de ses amis0

Salut à tous.

Je suis assez chaud pour faire les thèmes sur le sport ou
l'alcool. Je pense en effet que cela peut permettre de caractériser les
différences de comportement entre notre belle jeunesse française et son
alter ego de l'autre côté de l'Atlantique.


Hi All-

A couple of us got together and want to do something about the university newspaper. This would include talking about:

- price
- distribution
- content
- frequency of publication etc

Is there a university (or student-run) newspaper at Polytechnique? Is this something some of you would be interested in?

Hi all,

I'm thinking of doing a project on how students spend their free
time. I'm thinking the Student Center may present a fair reflection on
that theme. One question also, is there a Student Center at
Polytechnique? Or just a place where students usually hang out at?

If there's a group that's interested in doing the same at l'X, please contact us.


I think a group of us are going to try to modify the idea of "random
activities at midnight" and rather make it "after school schedule" This
way we can make comparisons of when studiants at MIT and at L'X do the
same activities, how much time they spend doing them, how late they
stay up and things like that. my email is I don't know the
rest of the group's emails but I can post them soon. - Tia

Hi all,

I would like to be a part of the afternoon schedule also. I think that it would be a interesting experience.