The different news categories and the front page - les différentes rubriques et la Une


is a simple observation, but I'll post it anyway... It seems that Le
Monde is more concerned with international events, particularly
European affaires, than the The New York Times. The NY Times on the
other hand seems to be more concerned with domestic affaires, and not
particularly concerned with events in the Americas outside the US.

Hi all,

So I've been comparing the NY Times to le Monde and they are
very similiar yet there are subtle differences. Acutally, the format of
the NY Times online just changed last week and it was only the
beginning of this year they started to charge people to read certain
articles. Anyways, I wanted to say that I couldn't find a weddings and
celebrations column. It was just interesting because I just read one of
friends weddings online (I actually never read that column though).
Would it be considered kind of selfish and self aggrandizing to
announce your wedding in France?


was suprised to see that the main article in Le Monde was not about
France (CPE in particular), but rather about Italy. I also think it's
interesting that in Le Monde, ads are labelled with "publicite"; this
is not the case in the New York Times.

also noted that the Style category does not appear in Le Monde. Both
journals have pages on books, movies, etc (under 'Culture' in Le Monde
and 'Arts' in NY Times), but in addition to that the NY Times has 'Wine
& Dining', 'Home & Garden', 'Fashion & Style' that could
not be found in Le Monde. I also did not find 'Weddings &
Celebrations' and obituaries in Le Monde. It seems that the NY Times
allocate reviews on people's personal life at home or choice of

was interested to see that Health and Education both appeared as
categories in the New York Times, but neither appeared in Le Monde.
Maybe the French aren't as obsessed with Health as Americans are (we
are probably both the most health conscious and the most unhealthy
people in the world), but why not Education?