Friends / Les amis


Anyone interested in doing the style of clothing of our friends at our schools? Maybe people could cover the many different types of styles that young people wear around campus.

I think it would be interesting to see the similarities and differences between French and American college students. ;-)

Lille 3 est multiculturel c'est c'est à dire qu'on y trouve des gens de toutes origines sociales ou religieuses

donc les tyles vestimentaires sont plutot variés

pour ma part, j'adore les vetements kitch, avec des fleurs des couleurs et les vetements indiens très agreables a porter

ci joint une photo de moi avec mon plus beau chapeau et une autre qui n'a rien a voir mais que j'adore . . .

Ok, here are a couple of pictures of me and my friends:

1) A couple of my friends in my dorm room. As freshmen (first-years in college) we live in this kind of dormitory which are located inside the university. In this case, I lived in a double.

2) Me and my friends in a party in the apartment I lived in during my second year (the apartments are also part of the university campus). The student body at Brandeis is quite diverse. The people in the picture are from Argentina, Colombia(2), Nepal, Venezuela, New Jersey-US, Turkey, Panama, and France (from Lille actually). I'm the one in light blue in the back :-)

3) My two best friends and myself (I don't know why I included it, hehe...)

4) A couple of friends and me in Boston. The picture was taken by a local Bostonian newspaper, and we later found ourselves in there. This was two years ago, when the Boston Red Sox (Boston's baseball team) beat the Yankees (New York's team) to go to the final (Americans call it the World Series, which is funny because the teams that compete are all American except for one Canadian team). Anyhow, the city went crazy: in Boston it was the equivalent of Lille going to the final of the Champion's league after beating PSG in the semi-final.

1. The first picture is of me (in the middle) with my friends Alissa and Drew. Drew was my randomly-assigned roommate my first year of school, and by luck we became best friends! We've lived together every year since.

2. This is my boyfriend Erik and me; he is one of my best friends. We met in class and started dating a year ago.

3. This is my cousin Jessy and me. We've been friends for a very long time! She lives in New Hampshire, about an hour and a half away, so I usually only see her at Christmas, Easter, and summer camping trips.

4. This is my sister Lindsey and me. She's 3 years younger and is in her first year of college at Tulane University, which is very far away in New Orleans, Louisiana. I miss her so much! We fought all the time when we were little but now we're best friends (and look a lot alike)!

5. These are my cousins, Mike and Kerri, and my sister Lindsey on a hike in the fall. Mike is my age and is like a brother to me. Kerri is 7 years older than me and has always been like a big sister. She's having a baby in June!

As you can see, my family members are as much my friends as my school friends are!

très jolies photos ;)

Ta soeur est très mignone, elle va en faire des ravages dans quelques années... :D


C'est pareil pour moi :je m'entends aussi ben avec ma famille qu'avec mes amis, surtout avec mon frère et ma soeur en fait qui me connaissent quand même depuis longtemps que tous mes amis et quand je ne rentre pas chez moi le week end ils me manquent beaucoup....

mon frère (Adrien ou "le schtroumpf") et ma soeur (mathilde ou "lapinou") en Ecosse :

mon frère, ma soeur et moi après une baignade dans une rivière d'Ecosse !!! :

en train de consoler ma soeur parceque son koala venait de tomber dans un lac... (heueusement on a pu le récupérer !!!) :

"sisterly" pose :

cette photo un peu ridicule mais je l'adore !!! :

"sisterly" pose 2 :

tirage de langue !!! :

Voili voilou !!!!


My floor of the dorm is a pretty close-knit group. The other day, I left my door open and left my room for a few minutes and when I came back, one of my friends had changed the backdrop on my computer...take a look for yourself to see what it said ("crazy'). The second time I did that, she changed it again ("untitled"). Some buildings have to worry about theft, but luckily my dorm only has to be concerned about silliness. Also, one day near the beginning of the year, a bunch of us decided to make a fort in the lounge. You can kind of see it in the picutre entitled "in the fort."

Next is a picture from crew. It was taken on the same day as the "Head of the Charles." (see topic: Sports and Leisure for explanation). I'm on the left. Then, there is a picture of some of the team jumping into the!

Lastly, I've attached an old picture of a friend and me. We did this competition thing called Science Olympiad, and the picture is from an even called "storm the castle." The goal of the event was to build a contraption that could throw a ball as far and as accurately as possible. The picture is of Micol and Me (I'm on the left) as we are preparing our trebuchet (that's an ancient battle weapon, kind of like a catapult, meant for throwing stones at castles, hence the event title) at the State Competion.

Here's a picture of some of my friend and me hanging out on the Boston Common. Even as busy as we all are, one of the occasions that always calls for a trip is someone's birthday. Whether it's just dinner or a trip to the city, birthdays are a great excuse to quit studying and have fun. The Boston Common is very beautiful in the fall :)

- Erica

These pictures are of me and some of my friends at school this year...

1) Me (red hat), my roommate Ben, Danielle, Caroline, and Maia

2) Me and my roommate Ben, posing

3) Me, Ben, Grady and David skiing/snowboarding at a mountain 45 minures from campus

4) A bunch of friends in Boston

5) Leon, Grady, Zohar, Ben, myself, Maia in the snow



Dis donc vous avez de la chance d'avoir une station de ski prés de la fac!!

Ca doit etre cool d'aller s'eclater sur les pistes quand vous le voulez. Nous ça fait un bout pour pouvoir aller skier!! ; (


These are some pictures of my friends.

The first one is of a bunch of us standing at the top of a hill. We were taking turns sledding on cafeteria trays...a typical Brandeis tradition. =)

In the next two photos, my friends and I were hanging out in dorm rooms. It's fun to just sit around and "do nothing." lol

The fourth photo was taken right outside my dorm building in the freshman quad. We have a pond in the middle and during the winter it freezes. We thought it was cool to walk across it...

So far all of the pictures were taken at school, but the last one was taken in Georgia over February break. I went on a trip with the crew team and this is a memory of us on the last day by the water....

Woah!!!! I didn't know you could walk on the pond! That's awesome!

franchement tes photos(tofs c'est plus courts) donnent envie......

Frère et soeurs ? :D

Oui sur la premiére photo avec mon frere, la deuxiéme avec ma soeur et la troisiéme avec ma petite soeur et ma cousine (j'avais oublier de préciser ;D sorry!!!)

Très jolie petite famille ;)


ravie de voir que chez certains américains l'amitié est très importante!j'accorde beaucoup d'attention à l'amitié pour moi c'est le plus beau sentiment qui puisse exister et je favorise mes amis à ma famille bien souvent!!

donc voici quelques photos de mes amis

1/mon meilleur ami kenttttttttttt

2/aurore et moi c'est aussi ma coloc nous avons un appartement ensemble et nous sommes en cours ensemble ce semestre on se connait depuis 4 ans c'est ma mutota^^

3/moi claire et virginie au nouvel an cette année chez moi à lille

lol quelle tête sur cette photo!!C'était cet été petit coup de chaud d'ailleurs...^^ lol no coment anne-c

Nous aussi on tappe la pose ! regardez plutot !

je suis bien d'accord avec toi je trouves que l'amitié est à la base de tout même de l'amour...

je penses encore qu'on a des "amis"(moi je connais hossam amélie et anou depuis 2_3mois seulement) en communs et on le savait même pas!!lol

c'était il y a deux ans, on avait loué une péniche pour fêter un anniversaire avec mon groupe d'amis du lycée!

1 et 2/ c'est leur "band" qui jouait à la 1ere partie de la soirée!

3/cette photo a été prise en grèce. On me voit a la 3e place en partant de la gauche.

4/ encore une photo prise en grèce sur le site d'appollon!