abuse, power, guidance


boss, control

Bossy, experienced, mean

both positive and negative connotations, big brother, government

condescending, police

domination, power, abuse

government, power

helpful, respect

important, interferes

leader, power

necessary, important, okay

overthrow, submission

parents, police

police, dictator

police, domination

police, elders, power

police, teacher

power, control

power, control, rules

power, fear, diplomacy

power, respect, smothering

power, responsibility

power, tyrant, dictator

ruling, officials, restriction, enforcement

wrong hands

armée, police, juges


états, gouvernement, parlement, sénateur, juge,

contrainte, parents, pouvoir

contrainte, police



force, lois

gendarmerie, patron, professeur

obéissance, désaccord


ordre, parental

ordre, respect

parentale, religieuse

parents, direction

parents, police

parents, police

parents, professeurs

police, parents, école

Police, Parents, Loi

police, parents, professeurs


religieuse, répression

Sarkozy, Police,




Heyy...I noticed an interesting difference in the responses given for authority. Many Americans responded with "police," but while some French said this, many responded "parents." Do you think that there is more of an emphasis on Family life in France? Is there, in general, more respect for familial authority (and does this relate to less powerful police?



Bonjour Zachary,

Ce n'est que mon opinion personelle, mais je pense que la famille (entendre mère, père) ont un rôle d'Education primaire (respect, habillement etc...) chez nous. Alors que la police est plutot vu comme un organe repressif (au sens péjoratif du terme) de l'état.

Voilà j'espère avoir répondu à ta question ;)

Interesting....I think many Americans would agree with you that it's the family who should be the primary people to have authority over a child.

And some would agree with you that the police are a repressive organization, but I feel like the mainstream opinion is that the police are good. Or some feel that police do a better job in emergencies than in their daily rounds. There is a lot of police brutality that goes on, probably more common than people know. So I'd say the opinions on police might be mixed.


Il ne me semble pas avoir fait de généralisation concernant la police, je sais qu'il existe des policiers ripoux, mais comme partout ils sont minoritaires...