achievement, accomplish, happy

achievement, accomplishment, satisfaction

achievement, endurance, high position

achievement, smile, contratulations

American dream, universally desired, greed

goals, achievement

happiness, a family, a career, fulfillment

happiness, hard work, relief, rewarding

happiness, peace, stability

happiness, reaching goals, to finish

happiness, security

hard work, effort, goals

hope, worry, try

money happiness

money, pride, recognition

occupation, employment, businessman

positive, accomplishment, busness person

professional, academic, economic

progress, prosperity

rich, happy

school, grades

studying, hard work, talent

wealth, accomplishments, happiness

wealth, prosperous

work, accomplishment, reward

working hard, work ethic, luck

accomplissement personnel, fierté

amour, travail, bien être

argent, emploi, études

argent, intelligence

baccalauréat, diplome, études

baccalauréat, licence

belle maison, argent ,famille

bonheur, travail

classe préparatoire, prix nobel, diplômes



diplome, emploi


examens, métier , argent

fierté, accomplissement personnel

magnat, fierté

Miss France, réussite


riche, entreprise

scolaire, élite

sociale, scolaire, promotion


travail , études, vie

travail, scolaire,

victoire, plénitude

vie, famille



J'ai pu remarquer que pour vous la reussite c'est surtout le resultat, autrement ce qu'elle apporte, l'argent, le succés.....ect . De notre coté on s'interesse plus au moyen d'acquerir cette reussite. Je pense que l'effort pour arriver a cette reussite est tout aussi important que le resultat. N'est-ce pas ?


That's a good point, Gervaise. I guess we don't really think about success as a process as much as we see it as a goal to be achieved. Of course, making a lot of money doesn't ensure happiness anyways. It's much more important, as you say, to learn to enjoy life.


I totally agree with you. I feel like people have become more and more interested with the result and forget about all the work put in beforehand. Personally, I do crew, and we meet really early almost every morning. If success is only measured in results, all that would matter would be how well we placed in regattas (races), but what's techincally more important is how much effort we put into practice each day, whether or not we end up with a medal.(that's not to say, of course, that I won't race my hardest, it's just that that is not really where the importance lies).

haha Rebecca!!! I, too, agree with you! In crew, success or winning a race is not even half the experience. It's the process, having practice every day and pushing oneself mentally and physically for months beforehand that should be taken into consideration as well.

I recently saw a great movie, "The pursuit of happyness," in which a poor father loses everything (his wife leaves him, his job fails, his young son needs to be taken care of, he can't pay the rent and is kicked out onto the streets....). However, in the end, whether or not he succeeds (go watch the movie!!!) does not matter as much as the journey he takes to get there... The PURSUIT/ the path chosen matters too...

I agree; for me, success comes not from the result, but from the work done and the enjoyment of it. To be successful means to do well in whatever line of work you choose, and to put in the hard work to get there. The material 'reward' from success, like medals or money, really don't mean much at all to me. But that is just me....

I think for many Americans success is at the end of struggle. It's sort of the self-made-man principle. Someone works really hard and struggles up a corporate ladder in the quest for success. Success is a reached goal--and since goals are different for different people success can be many different things. I guess...often entrepreneurs are looking to live the "American Dream" with a big house and white picket fence.


pour moi la réussite ne s'arrête pas à avoir de l'argent ou une magnifique maison mais plutot à comment suis-je arriver à cette réussite?certainement en travaillant dur^^

J'emet quelques reserves vis-à-vis de ce que tu viens de dire : en France, notamment dans les études, on s'interesse plus au resultat (le diplome) qu'au moyen d'y arriver...


Je trouve aussi que le moyen d'y arriver compte tout de même moins que le résultat... On se souvient généralement plus de ce qu'on a, quelque soit le diplôme, que des efforts que nous avons du fournir pour l'obtenir, qui, eux. disparaissent vite une fois obtenu ce que l'on voulait.


c'est vrai... et, bien que je sois politiquement à la gauche de l'echiquier politique, je trouve cela fort dommage...

C'est le système éducatif qui veut absolument des élèves doués, quitte à nous transformer en boeufs...