alone, sad, isolated

community, group, camaraderie

Company, Caring, Help

freedom, union, socialism

friendship, comrades, bond, loyalty


help, generosity, collaboration

idealism, unifying, desire

loyalty, teams, sister/brotherhood




support, camaraderie

Team, win, friends.

together, tight, unit

together, united, important

togetherness, power, motivation

union, community, agreement

unity, community, cooperation

unity, companionship

unity, goals, group

unity, passion

unity, strength, stability

aide, engagement, conviction, déception

associations, croix-rouge, entraide

beau, aide, soutien, devoir, engagement

bon, dur

charité, sentiment, partout


entraide, responsabilité, socialisme, partage

générosité, aide,

importante, entre aide, devoir, obligations, conventions

société, coopération, progrès


vertu, devoir


was somewhat confused when I first read French list of association words for solidarity. The American and French words are only related in general terms and are fundamentally quite different. There is a distinct variation in their tone. The French word suggests weakness of an individual, failure to be self supportive, and dependence on society, while the American version of the word focuses on the positive ideas of unity, strength in number, and a supportive network.

Is it possible that this could be a reflection on the patriotism on which our countries were founded? Perhaps part of the reason that solidarity has a more positive connotation in English is that throughout the existence and development of the US, a great deal of importance has been placed on the value of united individuals, similar to the value of independent but united states.