United States


Americans, independence, democracy

americans, melting pot, new

big, dumb, war, NY Yankees

big, loud, ignorant

big, powerful, chaotic

big. diverse, freedom

Boston, Washington D.C., President Bush

capitalism, consumerism, democracy, power

Civil War, Pilgrims, States

commercialism, politicized, controversial

Films/Hollywood, "Large" (everything is larger here), work/career opportunities, economy

flag, media, parents

freedom, mobility, military

George Bush, California, Democracy

idiocy, mass media, SUV


military, money, eagle

opportunity, arrogance, young

parks, NYC, home

patriotism, home, apple pie

red, white,and blue

war, mixture, ambiguity

Wealthy, hard working, diverse.

Bush, America, six

business, grandes distances, géant, centre du monde, grand canyon, superficiel

force, démocratie

gendarme, arrogance, puissance, pollution, Statue de la Liberté

grand, uncle sam, hollywood

indépendance, puissance

Kansas City

mac donald

mc do, burger king, quick,

pouvoir, opportunités, american dream, domination

puissance, dynamisme, fast-food, économie, ingérence

riche, mac donalds, paris hilton, bush, cinéma


I found it interesting that both the US and France think that the other is arrogant, but only Americans think that they are also arrogant. Overall, the French seem to associate their country with positive words, while everyone had something negative to say about the US.

I found the responses about the United States to be very interesting. Also, on the American side, there were a lot that were not always positive. McDonalds seems to also be one that appears. I also found the response of hollywood and Paris Hilton to be very interesting. Do you feel that there is too much limelight put on the movie stars? Do you have any kinds of "celebrities" of that type (that might not be such good role models) that are as visible as someone like Paris Hilton?

Pour Renee : je ne crois pas qu'en France, il y ait des celebrites comme Paris Hilton... on n'aime pas trop ce genre de personnes, qui ne servent pas a grand chose et ont de l'argent a gaspiller. J'ai l'impression que c'est un phenomene typiquement Americain.

Helene-who are the people that are normally considered the role models in your country or I guess the "celebrities"? Are they politicians or sports players or other groups?