My privacy is invaded when ...

Ma vie privée est atteinte quand ...

I do not have the potential to break the law without being punished.

information is accessed without my consent

my computer is hacked into, something is stolen from me, someone walks in on me in the shower

my parents look at my Facebook.

my roommates look over my shoulder at what I'm working on.

not by much; certain private questions by certain people.

one takes steps specifically to determine more information when there is a clear barrier indicating not to cross.

others look into my private life

people ask questions I don't want to answer, others listen in on phone calls.

people disclose personal information or use personal things without permission.

people don't leave me alone

people enter the bathroom while I am showering. the RIAA checks out which files I am sharing on my computer. people research me on the internet before meeting me.

people go through my things, learn about me backhandedly.

people pry a lot

people take my information online, my friends barge into my room without knocking

people track what I do on the internet, and when people go into my room without my permission.

people try to delve into my personal relationships.

personal information is given out without my permission.

someone asks me a very private question

someone asks me about my grades.

someone looks academic work without asking, someone looks at my personal correspondences

someone reads my journal or judges me in such a way that it stifles my ability to be free to be myself.

someone spies on me, someone reads my mail, someone learns of private thoughts

you enter my space bubble or encroach upon my house and property.

cela me concerne, et ne regarde que moi

d'autres personnes s'en melent, dans les vestiaires du foot.

des choses qui ne regardent que moi et quelques proches sont révélées à un trop grand nombre de gens.

elle bafouée

elle est diffusée

je suis épiée,ma vie est étalée dans les journaux.

les gens me harcèlent

mes informations personnelles sont communiquées

mon entourage souffre

on diffuse des photos de moi sans mon accord, on fouille dans mes affaires sans ma permission, me force à répondre à des questions personnelles

on divulgue des choses sur moi

on fait mal à ceux que j'aime

on fouille dans ma chambre, mon portable, mon ordinateur

on lit mes mails, on entre dans mon portable

on m'espionne

on m'espionne dans les moindres recoins

on me pose des questions sur mes revenus

on ne la respecte pas, on se mele de ma vie privé, on fouille dans mes affaires

on ne respeste pas mon intimité.

on raconte ma vie, on m'espionne, on s'en mêle

on s'en mële, on m'empêche de faire ma propre vie

on s'y insère sans en avoir la permission

on y pénétre, quand on s'y introduit

quelqu'un interfère dans ma vie (privée) sans autorisation

quelqu'un interfère dans ma vie sans que je le veuille

quelqu'un l'exploite

quelqu'un me demande des explications sur ce que je fais

quelqu'un touche à mes affaires

une personne se méle de mes affaires alors que ça ne la regarde pas.


ma vie privée est atteinte lorsqu'un individu prend connaissance d'informations me concernant et les utilise sans mon autorisation, à des fins qui me sont inconnues.

The American responses were much more specific than the French responses. Americans cited many specific examples of invasions of privacy, and they defined the term. The French were a little more general, usually referring to things like getting at personal information or meddling in personal affairs. The Americans focused more on the sneakiness of invading another's privacy, hinting at the "behind the back" element. I think Melodie's response above is similar. In America, "privacy" is a touchy subject - what is "healthy" privacy, what is too insular, what is "anti-social," etc. It is an omni-present issue - in the law, in movies, even with Facebook (as an American mentioned...). Is it as much of a pressing issue in France or are minor curiosities more easily understood?

Maybe privacy isn't as big of an issue for French. Is that possible, and if so why would that be? Are Americans less in tune to when they are not welcome, or bigger on gossip than the French? I dont think this is the case. There is also privacy in the sense of leaving your bedroom door shut at night when you sleep - more along the lines of peace - and privacy in the sense of not devulging one's secrets to others - privacy in the sense of respect. What are your opinions on these topics?

I feel like in America, people have more of a fear of the goverment or the boogeymen (RIAA) invading their privacy, wheras in France you are concerned with the practical, of your assosciates reading your papers and walking in on you in the shower. Do you not have all sorts of movies and TV shows where the man is tapping your phones and things like that?

En fait, je pense que ma vie privée est atteinte lorsqu'un individu RECHERCHE des informations me concernant, sans mon autorisation. Cela ne concerne pas un domaine particulier de la vie, mais la vie ne général, quelque soit l'information divulguée. Je ne sais pas si une information découverte sur la vie privée de quelqu'un se répandrait rapidement et auprès de beaucoup de personnes, je ne sais pas si les gens accordent tant d'importance à ce qui ne les concerne pas...

"Do you not have all sorts of movies and TV shows where the man is tapping your phones and things like that?" ==> désolée Brad mais je ne vois pas ce que tu entends par là ! ^^ développe stp !! ^^

Melodie, I agree with you as well. I feel my privacy is impinged upon when people look through my personal things in my room, on my laptop, and when they ask personal questions. I am a bit concerned with privacy in the US given all these social networks in which teenagers participate: Facebook, MySpace, etc. While I enjoy keeping in touch with my friends on Facebook, I sometimes feel that my privacy is impinged upon when somebody unknown is able to read my profile. Do French students use Facebook or other similar social networking utilities?

Pour Mélodie : le détective privé et le paparazzi ne devraient plus faire leur métier alors, puisqu' ils ne font que ca, porter atteinte à la vie privée des gens???????

Hi Melodie. I guess I was a little fast and loose there with several English idioms in one sentence. "The Man" basically means the goverment, or whoever is in charge. A phone tap is where they (usually the police, the government) listen in on your phone conversations. I feel like it is common to see movies or tv shows where the goverment agents are spying on individual citizens, and that is what I worry about when I worry about my privacy. I was theorizing that in France you do not have this cultural influence so you are mostly concerned with the other people in your life violating your privacy.

Les français utilisent plutôt les blogs, ou sites perso, mais le mot Facebook n'est pas très commun quand il s'agit de parler de notre vie privée sur Internet.

Raluca, oui les étudiants français utilisent également facebook ou même myspace. léa et moi pensons que la vie privée n'est pas vraiment atteinte en utilisant ce genre de sites, puisqu'il est possible de cacher des informations, ou même son profil. Si les autres ont accès à nos informations, c'est que dans un sens on est d'accord avec cela. Cependant cela représente toujours un risque.

Pour moi la privée est atteint lorsque un individue fouille et cherche dans mes affaires, se renseingne sur moi....