I would not be able to forgive a partner and would have to break up with him/her if...

Я никогда не смогу простить любимого человека и расстанусь с ним / с ней, если он(а)...

cheated on me

he lied to me about something very important

he was in love with someone else

he was unfaithful, started loving me less, put his own interests constantly above my own feelings, or stopped valuing me.

I never give a second shot to anything. If circumstances allow it, I usually remain in good terms with most of my ex partners, but I never enter a romantic relation with them in the future.

she broke my trust

she lied to me about something that's very important to me, or if she turned out to be too self-centered.

she was unfaithful to me.

they did not respect me

they hit me

they hurt one of my friends or family members.

would cheat on me with someone else, although if it was just one time, I might be able to forgive him.

сменит пол

будет сильно меня ревновать или не доверять мне.




изменит мне.


предаст меня

полюбит другую


в данном случае ответы похожи)для всех важны верность и честность.

Ага..=)) это точно..=) Но мне вот это очень понравилось " they hurt one of my friends or family memberы" - вот это на самом деле верно! Почему -то мы забыли это упомянуть.. А стоило..