A police officer stops you in the street and asks for your ID.

Un agent de police vous arrête dans la rue et vous demande vos papiers.

Ask why and then comply.

Give him your ID! Politely.

I ask to see his badge, then I may show him my ID.

I comply and show it to him. If the person looks like he could not be a real officer, I may ask him to show his ID first.

I give him or her my ID.

I pull out my ID and give it to him

I show it to him.

I would ask them for their badge.

I would ask why and wouldn't show him my ID until I was told why.

I would ask why I'm being stopped, and if the police officer didn't have just cause, I wouldn't feel obligated to show her anything!

I would be confused and very worried. I would be wondering what I did wrong

I would give it to him and politely ask him why he wanted it.

I would show it to him without any trouble, but I would politely asked why I had been stopped.

I would show it to them

I would show the officer my ID.

I'd ask why.

If I am walking: question his right to demand for my ID, but I'd show him the ID without taking it out of my wallet or my grasp. If I am driving: give him my ID and registration.

Panic and become nervous even if I was not doing anything wrong.

j'obéis en rigolant car je n'ai rien à me reprocher

je le donne

je les laisse faire leur travail.

je les lui donne

je les lui donne, inquiet de savoir pourquoi.

Je les lui donne, la boule au ventre.

je les lui remets

Je les montre (ça ne m'est jamais arrivé)

Je lui demande le motif et je lui fournis mes papiers

Je lui demande pourquoi et les lui montre.

je lui donne

Je lui donne en demandant où est le problème.

je lui donne en lui demandant pourquoi s'il ne me l'a pas déjà dit

je lui donne mes papiers

Je lui donne mes papiers en espérant que cela ira vite.

je lui donne sans problème.

je lui les donne

Je lui les montre

Je lui montre mes papiers sans soucis.

Je lui montre mes papiers si ils sont sur moi, dans le cas contraire je ne sais pas (ça ne m'est jamais arrivé)

Je lui montre mes papiers.

Je suis étonnée mais je lui montre mes papiers.


As you may have noticed, the responses to this situation tend to agree well with what we saw in the "Police" word association a few weeks ago: French students trust the authorities far more than American students do, and so French students are more willing to comply immediately with a police officer's command than American students, who are more likely to question the officer's motives.

An interesting question was raised in the previous discussion that I would like to repeat here: do you believe that our distrust in the police is fueled by the media's popular portrayal of police officers as corrupt, often incompetent people who are liable to commit immoral acts? (Or perhaps it is the other way around?) Are there TV series or movies in France featuring or portraying morally corrupt police officers?

I see why the French would be quick to comply with an officer's demands, but I was wondering why not too many French students would ask to see the officer's badge to make sure he or she was legit in the first place?  Although it is unusual, I've seen instances where people impersonate a police officer to do malicious activity. 

As another branch off of Pedro's questions, I am curious whether this trust of authority extends to other situations.  Would you generally trust someone in an authoritative position just because they are in that position?  If so, would it be because they are placed there for a reason, because they are supposed to have your best interest in mind, or some other reason?  For example, are teachers, parents, police officers, and employers trusted authorities because of their positions?

La police en France représente l'autorité, il est vrai que les parents, les profs représente en autre l'autorité. Je pense que pour beaucoup d'entre nous, nous obéissons pour avoir la paix. En général, si nous n'obéissons pas aux ordres que l'on nous demande d'exécuter il est fort probable qu'il y ai des sanctions. C'est la raison pour laquelle nous faisons ce que l'on nous demande. Quand un policier nous demande nos papiers, on les donne sans faire d'histoire. Et plus vite la tache sera effectué, plus vite nous nous serons débarassé. Lorsqu'un policier veut vérifier mes papiers, je les lui donne rapidemant pour que je puisse repartir au plus vite.

Il existe plus des films français qui se moquent des agents de l'Etat que des films sur des policiers morallement corrumpus. Pour exemple, le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez, le Gendarme et les extra-terrestres, Oss 117... Les films ou reportages sur des politiques ou des grands patrons corrompus sont plus courants.

Oui, il est vrai que peu d'entre nous vont demander aux policiers leurs papiers ou autres badges. Les personnes qui se mettent dans la peau d'un policier pour tendre un piège, effectuer un caméra cachée sont plutôt rares.