I can't stand it when people ...

Je ne supporte pas quand les gens ...

"give up" on a task due to difficulty. Life isn't a cakewalk; we reap what we sow.

are racist, mean, or purposefully hurtful.

are too loud, inconsiderate, conceited.

are unaware of their surroundings

argue over small things, are not honest, are incompetent

break promises or assume what others are feeling without asking.

chew with their mouths open and misspell words.

disregard or are ignorant of their effects on other people.

don't listen before talking; selfish; talk behind people's back;

don't think about how their actions will affect other people.

get caught up on the past instead of moving on; make stupid decisions when they know they are stupid decisions; and make weird noises.


ignore me

invade my personal space

judge others without reconsideration.

make terrible assumptions. Also, as a mathematician, I do not like it when people do not understand the concepts of proof or more specifically proving some scientific theory is correct or not.

never show accountability for their actions, do not think of others first, are intensely competitive

only complain, and notice the other beauties of life.

patronize me.

pretend they know what they're talking about when they don't
think they are better than others, are mean-spirited

smoke in front of me, use f word in every sentence, try to act cool

talk a lot, try to be funny, and are arrogant.

talk about tests as soon as they leave them, feel the need to announce every little thing about themselves.

talk obnoxiously about themselves.

think they are better than others, do not listen when others are talking, are rude to each other

imbus de leur personne, qui prétendent être ce qu'ils ne sont pas.

m'ignorent, me regardent de haut, sont défaitistes

me critiquent de manière non justifiée et sont hypocrites.

me disent que j'ai tort

ne laissent pas chacun s'exprimer, n'écoutent pas, sont butés, recherchent leur seul profit

ne savent pas ce qu'ils veulent dans leur vie

ne sont pas aimables, ne pensent qu'à eux, ne savent pas conduire.

parlent trop fort, ne font pas attention à autrui, sont mal élevés

prétendent avoir la science infuse, sont imbus d'eux mêmes et arrogants.

qui sont égoistes, incompréhensifs et sans humour.

qui sont individualistes, qui se croient supérieurs aux autres

se mettent en avant, sont arrogants et parlent la bouche pleine

sont agressifs sans raison, sont individualistes, sont hypocrites.

sont arrogants, irrespectueux, égocentriques.

sont hypocrites, irrespectueux et intolérants.

sont hypocrites, irrespectueux, intolérants

sont imbus de leur personne, me prennent pour un idiot, sont purement égoïstes.

sont insolents, entêtés, égoïstes

sont mal élevés, aucune réflexion avant d'agir

sont violents, irréfléchis, racontent sans savoir.


Il semble que les étudiants français soient irrités par les comportements hypocrites, égoïstes, autosuffisants. Les étudiants américains semblent agacés par les mêmes comportements. Bien sur, chacun a sa propre interprétation, et il est évident que ces jugements changent d'une personne à l'autre, mais il est tout de même intéressant de constater que l'on peut s'entendre sur des comportements qui nous hérissent le poil.

Je suis assez d'accord avec Antoine sur le fond. Cependant on peut voir que les étudiants américains mettent souvent l'accent sur des actions égocentriques comme "are unaware of their surroundings".

It's interesting to note that american students not only don't like when people who present themselves as what they are not, but also people who assume others for what they are not, "juging others without reconsideration", which is somewhat connected with "talking behind people's back", and "gossiping". Compared to Russia, where I grew up, it feels like the general culture encourages to be more open-minded about people.

Also, I was wondering, what do you do if someone starts smoking next to you? How many people in France smoke? I've been in Italy this summer, and smoking is so popular, that every bus stop smells like tobacco. Are there any regulations on smoking in France?




I also agree that American students and French students are in agreement concerning the things that irritate them.  The most bothersome things to most people seems to be arrogance, hypocrisy, and rudeness.

Anna, un sondage de 2009 indique de 30% des français fument, mais j'ai l'impression que beaucoup voudrait arreter (mais n'y arrivent pas...), donc on ne peut pas dire que ce soit très "populaire"

C'est toujours populaire chez les jeunes, mais moins après.

Depuis 2007 une loi interdit de fumer dans les lieux publics (bus, train, gare, et même restaurant et bar)

C'est tout à fait possible de dire à quelqu'un qui commence à fumer à coté de nous de lui dire d'arreter ou de se déplacer

Et vous?

I think we can all agree that we seem to be irritated by the same things, but I'm wondering how people deal with someone who's acting in a way that bothers you? It seems like people in the US tend to either directly confront the person/offer a subtle hint, or force politeness and let it go.  What's the typical etiquette for responding to a person like that in France?  Are people more direct or do they just tolerate rude or offensive behavior from others?

Since it is illegal to smoke indoors in many states people have taken their smoking outside.  I wouldn't tell someone to put out their cigarette, no matter how bad it smells.  If you were to tell someone to stop smoking next to you, how would they respond? Would they just put their cigarette out?

I feel like it's kind of hard to generalize a whole country's reaction to a situation - like, I feel like I could think of people who would be extremely rude if someone was irritating them (which is irritating in itself) and people who would be too timid to say anything. But perhaps that's because there's a wide range of reactions in Americans - is it the same for French people, or are people generally either more upfront and willing to call people out or quiet?

I spend most of my time at school and in my dorm, so luckily, I've almost never seen anyone smoking around since almost all MIT buildings are non-smoking. But if I did, I guess I wouldn't tell them to stop unless it's in a non-smoking area. Is smoking allowed in your school's buildings?

I don't see myself telling someone to put out their cigarette. Instead i will just leave the place if i can, otherwise i will just live with the repercussions (too bad for me!).

It is interesting to see that the answers are very similar for both the French and American students.  Everyone seems in agreement that it bothers them when people are hypocritical, don't think of others when speaking, or are arrogant.

With regards to the smoking issue, in most cases I would tell the person to stop, unless they are in an area that specifically states that smoking is allowed.  Fortunately, in the states there are not too many situations where it is necessary to endure someone smoking if you are uncomfortable with it.  Usually people smoke outside of buildings, because it is not allowed inside or in nearly every public place.  In one case, however, there was construction in the lab next to the lab I work in, and the construction workers were smoking inside the building.  I had to confront them several times before they stopped doing it.

Do many students at ENSAM smoke?

Do they students generally get along?

I am also curious to now how French people typically react to uncomfortable situations. Since a lot of emphasis is placed on being polite and respectful, how do you react to an irritating situation? Do most people have a confrontational attitude or do they just walk away from the situation?

Bonjour à tous!

Pour répondre à Baris: il y a pas mal de fumeurs à l'ENSAM, je ne saurais te dire combien. C'est loin d'être une majorité, mais on a tous 1 ou 2 potes qui fument. Mais comme chez vous apperemment, ici pour fumer il faut sortir dehors. Les lieux public sont tous non fumeur, ce qui veut dire que les seuls lieux clos et fumeurs sont les maisons des gens, mais sachant qu'à l'intérieur de la résidence il est interdit de fumer, il ne reste nul part à part dehors pour fumer.

Pour Brenda, je pense que comme partout cela dépend des gens. Certains prennent sur eux et ne disent rien, d'autre auront plutôt tendance à chercher la confrontation. Pour moi cela ne diffère pas d'un pays à l'autre mais surtout d'un individu à l'autre.

Pensez-vous vraiment que ce qui énerve les gens est un caractère bien spécifique d'un pays? Pour moi on ne peut vraiment pas tirer de conclusion sur les réponses que nous avons données...